Can I use soon to be Saint John Paull II as Confirmation name?


Hello everyone,
I’m currently in RCIA at my local parish and will be confirmed into the Church this Easter Vigil. Today we had the Rite of Election with our Bishop. I’ve been contemplating Saints whom I’d like to use as my Confirmation name. I’m particularly drawn to soon-to-be Saint John Paul II - for many reasons; I was born in the same year he was elected Pope ('78), and his life resonates strongly with me.

So, since the Easter Vigil will be before he’s cannonized, is it ok to use his name as my patron Saint?



I don’t think there was ever a requirement that it has to be a saint, so I would assume yes.


You may find the following helpful:

Whilst, granted, the above applies specifically to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the information it contains is based on general principles which are certainly applicable to the United States at large.

Concerning names specifically, canon law dictates that a baptismal name (and, by extension, a confirmation name) be one which is not foreign to Christian sensibility. The various pastoral ways in which I’ve seen this applied by Bishops (such as above) has always been to include for consideration the names of heroes from Scripture, of those who are Saints, and of those who have been Beatified.

For these and other reasons, yes, you may select the name of a Blessed for your confirmation name.



The title ‘Blessed’ is given at the time the Church is freed to given public honor to the person. Their name may be used publically in the liturgy and public veneration given.

Prior to that, as a Servant of God, such is limited to private devotion.

Choosing a Confirmation name is actually a matter of private devotion,(it is your personal choice of model and patron) so technically, the even name of a Servant of God could be used.


Yes. Absolutely.

For one, choosing the name of a Blessed is perfectly fine.

In addition, John and Paul are already saints, so you actually are using the names of canonized saints! :thumbsup:


As it turned out, someone had recently sent an Ask an Apologist question, “Can a confirmation name be from a ‘Blessed’?” The answer refers to another thread, “Can a Blessed be chosen for a confirmation saint?”

The answer is like what others have posted in this thread, since at least one of the apologists here didn’t see a problem with choosing a Blessed (and I assume that things haven’t changed much in five years).

She does point out a consideration, though it’s not the largest of considerations, and if you have your heart set on a particular Blessed, I imagine that this part won’t bother you too much:


If you want to use Gianpaolo as your confirmation name, go for it. If you want to use Karol as your confirmation name, by all means.


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