Can I work for a company that manufactures contraceptives?

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I am currently unemployed due a corporate restructure. I recently received an interview request from a pharmaceutical company interested in my qualifications in Management, Sales and Marketing. The company has a line of contraceptive products promoted to Women’s Health providers. My role, if I am offered the position, would be to manage a team of pharmaceutical sales professionals that promote the products to health care providers. My contact with the health care provider would be minimal as the day to day activities are conducted by the sales team,
I am confused as I fully believe that the Lord provides opportunities and guides my actions. If this is correct, which I do believe it is, I find myself in the dilemma of providing to my family and a potential conflict with my faith. Although I am in the preliminary stages of the interview process, I wanted to know if I would be engaging in an activity that contradicts the tenants of our faith. Your Brother in Christ.

The following link should help answer your question. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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