Can it get any worse? Of course it can


I haven’t been online in several days. Life is chaos right now.
On Wednesday, Feast of the Assumption, we drove 2 hours (up at 6am) to take baby Gianna to the specialist at Children’s Mercy. Just as we got to KC the van started acting funny. We made it to the hospital, got fairly good news (we’re trying medicine for now to avoid surgery, but not sure it will work), then tried to go to lunch and find a noon mass for holy day. We got a few blocks and the van just died. Actually, it wouldn’t go into gear. We were on a hill, and started rolling backwards! Anyway, we got off the road, and realized we we were in front of a Church–Our Lady of Sorrows. How very appropriate!
So we go in to find a phonebook, and here’s the only good part–mass was just starting, and the Bishop was officiating! So we made holy day mass. Then we had to walk back to the hospital in 100+ weather while carrying the baby in the carseat. Made it back for her ultrasound, which seemed to turn out OK. Got the car towed, my uncle picked us up, thank God. We went to his house to wait for my mom to come pick us up and drive us home.
Meanwhile, we got a call from my mom that my son had gotten sick at school and they called her to come get him. Apparently he fainted during morning mass! So she had to take him to the doctor, and they said he had a heart arrhythmia!!! He had never had problems before. They also found a respiratory infection and said he was dehydrated from that. They ran an EKG on him, and it was not good. So I’m stranded 2 hours away with one sick kid and the other one is needing me at the doctor at home.
Now we are without a vehicle, since hubby’s truck was already in the shop. So he can’t go to work, we already can’t afford to put the new transmission in the van and had to borrow money from his mom for that. We can’t go to mass today. The only way it can get worse right now is if the kids get sicker. We are stranded with no car, no money, no nothing.
So what is God trying to teach us? Why all this at once? They only thing I can come up with is to trust Him and be thankful for what little we have–at least the car died IN town, not halfway back in the middle of nowhere in 100+ weather with a sick baby. At least we got a ride home. At least we were able to borrow the money to fix it. Sigh. OK, I’ll stop whining now, but just had to vent.



Poor you! What’s going on with the baby, if you don’t mind me asking?

How worrisome for you - we will pray things get better and the children heal quickly! And your vehicle problems - oh, that’s just terrible. How’s your son doing?


:grouphug: oh my. you and those poor babies of yours.
praying life gets better soon and you get a few extra angels to help you out.


Tammy, I don’t know what God’s trying to teach you. I’m sorry you’re going through all of this! We’ll be praying for you and your family!


Ouch! Praying for your family…


I love it that your van broke down in front of Our Lady of Sorrows with the Bishop officiating just as Mass was starting, or even that it was during Mass that your son fainted. So, you see even in the midst of all your trials God is there with you. Even today when you can’t go to Mass he is there for you. So, just know, no matter what you face in the next few days or weeks that you will get through it.

I’ve been through this myself this summer, with bad news and trials following more bad news and trial. The funny thing is that I knew it wouldn’t last forever, and it didn’t. One day every thing seemed impossible and the next day every thing seemed possible. Just keep talking to God and telling him what you need and thanking him for everything that he has given you. I know that you will see your way through all of this. Just be strong, be creative, be flexible, be patient, dare to have some hope and don’t give up on God. :slight_smile:


When things like that happen, I don’t think it is necessarily because God is trying to teach you something…maybe he decided to save your life?

Perhaps your van died because if it had kept going, your family would have been involved in a terrible car accident? I don’t claim to know the mind of God, but the fact that you stopped right in front of a church before Mass just seems too coincidental to me. For some reason, God wanted you OFF the road. You will probably never know for sure but that’s the way I sometimes look at those things. Instead of being frustrated and wonder what God is doing…thank him that you are alive.

Hope this helps.


I don’t know why things all seem to happen at once, but they do. I’ll pray for your family. Hugs!


I think Monicad has a point. And God made sure you went to Mass! He knew you’d want to!

Was it someone here on this board… or who was I talking to this week who spoke of relatives who were delayed going somewhere after one of them became sick? Anyway, they had to wait for half an hour till she felt better to get in the car and go where they needed to be. And that would have taken them across the bridge that collapsed a few weeks ago. If the woman hadn’t been sick, they would have been on the bridge right at that time.

I hope your little ones get better. Prayers for them! God love you.


Oh, i am so sorry. It always seems for me also that things happen all at once. But seeing the little things as you did, shows great faith in you. Look at the family that you have that was able to help, that is great also, huh? i will be praying for you and your family. May the Lord bring you peace. :crossrc:



I think Monicad has a point. And God made sure you went to Mass! He knew you’d want to!

Me too! St. Ambrose once kept a man who had urgent business for three whole days in his monastery, much to the man’s frustration. When giving him a blessing to leave, he said “Be sure to thank God. LATER”

The man returned home to find his business partness was also three days late, so the deal went through w/o problems.

But he only understood St.Ambrose’s meaning when his servant made a deathbed confession, years later, that he’d waited for those three nights in ambush to kill him so he could rob him, and then he gave up! Then he knew to thank God for his “frustration” :slight_smile:


I am sorry about you day and I will ask Mother Mary to help you thru this. Beleive me you are making family memories and though it doesn’t seem like it right now you will laugh about this day in years to come. For I too had what I call my summer from hell for that is where I thought I was for that summer. I was expecting my 4th child involved with children in 4th my sheep leader quit I lived in the valley of California the temp was 115 degrees and yes it does get that hot there sometimes. My oldest daughter was 10 at the time she tried to start the world on fire with a pack of matches got that out with a bunch of good neighbors. that was one week the next my 12 year old son started the the grass fire with his motor bike I didn’t know a thing about it was canning tomatoes until the borate bombers came flying over the house to unload the pink stuff. well the bike burnt up but the boys were safe and no one got hurt but a little pride. the next week the boys from the foot ball team was playing football in the pasture my son tangled with the barbed wire cut a gash in his left arm that took 17 stitches. Must have been my pentence one for each year before he was born. I was 17 when I had him. Oh by the way he was born on April 1st and was due on June the 1st gee should have been a sign if you believe in signs. Well anyway he had to go to the emergency room the next week caught my daughter smoking in her bedroom what else could happen I was over due with this baby and weather wasn’t helping well school started and my 2nd girl was in school for the first time all day. You know first day they went one day can you imagine that one day. And my oldest daughter fell at school and broke her arm guess what another emergency room trip the lady at Mercy hospital took one look at me and thought I was there to have the baby sorry to say no just a broken arm. Well anyway the next day was sept 9th california admission day and at that time there was no school on that day guess what that is the day that little miss Evalyn decided to make her entrence. I checked into that hospital and she was born 1 hour and 11 minutes later. But My premiee is 44 now and is a Grandpa 4 times already the daughter with the smoking problems has a 23 year old son that is married and another son and daughter. The middle daughter has 3 children and the baby I think we scared her into not having any because she is 32 and has none. but that is ok. so you see when the things that happen seem like they are all just piling up there is some good if you will just look. For Jesus said he would be there to carry us thru the hard stuff if you just have the faith of a mustard seed. My children and my family have had lots of things happen some good some bad but in this life you learn to take it as it comes. Being a mom is the most rewarding profession in the world and I am glad that God picked me to be the mother of this little family of miss fits I have. I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.


Tammy, praying for you. Hope you hear good news about both kids health soon.


That’s excellent! I love it!


It’s quite alright to vent… I have felt like doing it so much lately. I have had weeks like this, one thing after the other after the other going wrong. I just think God must need people to suffer at the moment. Suffering and sacrifice. Maybe He sends Catholics more as they’re the only ones that will actually offer it up? Who knows,
But I hope things get better and your children are ok.
God Bless


Prayers for you and your family! :gopray2:

God’s Will works in mysterious ways…but thank God that you got to Mass and maybe by offering your troubles up of that day for your children, everything will turn out ok in the end. :thumbsup:


Oh, Tammy! All of my first trimester non-bliss goes up for you and your family today and the next few days to get this turned around. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help me recall you to mind often. Hugs!


You’re right, God was helping you through all these trials. That part I bolded was no coincidence at all. He knew you needed the sustenance of the Eucharist to make it through all of the trials that were coming at you. I will pray that everything is sorted out for you as suddenly as it all went “wrong”. :signofcross:


Thanks for the prayers everyone. DS hasn’t had any more episodes, and DD is tolerating the medicine well. We should get the van back today so DH can go to work. God is good!
MIL did tell us that she has a heart arrhythmia too–we never knew that! So we’ll have to watch him closely. But overall, things are much better. Just have to consciously keep offering it all up. Jesus, I trust in you!


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