Can it invalidate a confession to not specify doubtful sins as doubtful sins?

So I know that if we as Catholics do confess doubtful sins, we need to specify that they are doubtful. In the past, I have confessed a lot of doubtful sins, and I have not usually specified them as “doubtful”. At first, i did not know it was necessary, then after that I would often forget or else I would just overestimate how certain I really was. Sometimes I’ve had issues deciding if it is doubtful or not, and then there have been times here and there when I just didn’t bother.

Does this count as lying in the confessional? I know it is no big deal if I forgot or didn’t know, but what I am worried about is the times when I just didn’t bother to say so. I have indeed had confessions where I would just say my sins and not recount any details about them, including my certainty about having committed them. is this enough to potentially invalidate a confession?

Not to answer the question about lying, but simply to speak to your doubts about an “invalidated” confession:

You cannot invalidate a confession. A validly-ordained priest pronouncing the words “Ego te absolvo in Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti” creates the effect. There is no need to worry about that. Whatever sins you may have - sure or unsure - are removed by the Lord Jesus upon pronunciation of those words.

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