Can it really be feasible that a group of gay clergy live together and remain celibate?

I came across this story about this new book called: ‘Thirty-Three Good Men: Celibacy, Obedience and Identity’ publishes new analysis of priests’

in the Belfast Telegraph:

A priest saw 9 other priests in a gay bar, so my point here is that they are gay clergy giving into temptation,

Let me take a leap here, so if there are a significant number of gay clergy in the catholic church living in communities, can it at all be feasible that they live in celibacy!? As opposed to the example above, where they have given in, so to speak.

Men and their hormones, could their faith be strong enough to keep them committed to the straight and narrow path of celibacy, with such a proximity of what might be felt as temptation? And, if they can’t resist, why are they priests in the first place, it makes a mockery of the Catholic Faith, the credibility and moral integrity of the Church.

sounds like a fabrication.

I wouldn’t believe everything I read.
I am too busy polishing my glass house to worry about other people’s sexuality. It is indeed a narrow road and everyone has to walk it in their own shoes. Let us pray that our priests continue to serve the Church as they have for centuries and that one day, their parishioners show just a soupcon of care amongst their tut tut tuttering.

Thank you for this. Should be a “stickie”. :wink:

Speaking of mockery, the title in itself is offensive. That newspaper is renowned in Ireland for being anti-Catholic. It certainly enjoys firing away at Catholics. I wouldn’t put a lot fo stock in anything they publish. :coffeeread:

I think they can be celibate, for sure.
But it sounds like some of the priests interviewed here–or one, at least…the one who is in a longer-term relationship…it sounds as though proximity isn’t the reason he was “tempted” to have sex with another man.
He seems to not think there is anything wrong with the same-sex relationship or take that doctrine seriously. In his case, it’s not a matter of lust that got out of control for one night because there’s a warm body nearby.


maybe they were evangelizing. let’s not read too much into something we don’t even know is fact.

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