Can Latin Rite Catholics marry in the Byzantine Rite? CORRECTED

My girlfriend & I are both Latin Rite Catholics - I have grown up attending the Novus Ordo, and she has grown up in a schismatic community (SSPV) that does not recognize the authority of the current pope, or any since Pius XII (at the very least, they are quite vague on the topic). We’re currently considering marriage, but are are delaying engagement until we can see eye to eye with regard to the authority of the Pope.

It was suggested to us that we investigate switching rites to the Maronite or Byzantine Rite - My question regards the implications of both of us joining an Eastern Rite Church (in communion with the Holy See, not an Eastern Orthodox Church). Would she first have to regularize with the diocese in order to switch rites, even if she does not accept the authority of the pope or of our local ordinary as legitimate? Would we have to officially switch rites in order to marry in an Eastern Rite Church?



One doesn’t have to change rites to become a member of a parish of a rite to which one does not belong. But, thanks to a reader who belongs to an Easter rite, in some Eastern Catholic Churches, one must belong to the rite in order to be married in that rite.

"1) Marriage according to the Byzantine sacrament of Crowning is only offered to members of one of the Byzantine churches (UKrainian, Ruthenian, Melkite, ect). The Sacraments of Holy Eucharist, Confession can be received by any member of the Catholic church in any other Catholic church, but Baptism, Ordination, Marriage, must be received in the church you are a member of. There may be extraordinary circumstances where they may be given permission from the respective priests but that is the ordinary way of things…

  1. The Byzantine Marriage of Crowning has a unique theology different from the Latin understanding. For example, in traditional churches (unlatinized) there will be no vows. The priest marries the couple, the couple does not marry each other." J

So you will have to get married in a Roman rite Church, unless you really want to embrace an Easter rite Church.

However, in your girlfriend’s case, she will have to disengage herself from the society of St. Pius V if she wants to marry in any Catholic church regardless of which rite. She will also have to recognize and submit to the authority of the Vicar of Christ on earth.

I will keep you both in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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