Can lay persons 'anoint' ?

At a lay faithful prayer group for healing, a lay person ‘anointed’ some of the group with oil 3 times to represent the Trinity. Is this permissible? Or is this something that should not be a part of a prayer meeting? I think I know the answer is to pursue healing via the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, where Sanctifying Grace is present, but I wanted confirmation of this.
Thanks and God’s Blessings.

While technically a lay person could anoint someone with oil and ask God to bless that person, it is not allowed by the Church (emphasis added):

The collaboration of the non-ordained faithful in the Sacred Ministry

In using sacramentals, the non-ordained faithful should ensure that these are in no way regarded as sacraments whose administration is proper and exclusive to the bishop and to the priest. Since they are not priests,** in no instance may the non-ordained perform anointings **either with the oil of the sick or any other oil.

Because anointing is closely associated with the sacraments of the sick and confirmation it could cause confusion amongst people about what is taking place. All sacramentals that are used by the laity should be approved by the Church.

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