Can listening to post-modern music be spiritually harmful?

I have been listening to a lot of electronica/post-modern type music lately because I suffer from depression and I feel I can relate to it more easily than most music, but I can’t help but feel that a lot of the stuff I’ve been listening to recently is spiritually affecting me in some way.

I’m hesitant to include links to the music I’m talking about since most people would find it very strange and maybe even disturbing (I mean unless you want to know what I’m talking about, then I’ll show an example, but otherwise I won’t put any up).

One thing that got me kinda worried though is that I was on a lyrics interpretation website looking at comments on a song from a group I usually listen to and someone mentioned that he thought they were witches/pagans because of the lyrics of that song and other songs.
While it’s all hearsay and probably not true I figured if that fact wasn’t conveying spiritual harm to me, it might just be the fact that they are from post-modern and highly atheistic Sweden and their music reflects a lot of those ideas.

It just kinda disturbs me I guess?

Here’s an example of a song speaking against traditional/rural values and lobbying for modernism and occultism:
Forest Families

If in doubt, don’t listen to it.

You’ve mentioned suffering from depression in past postings, which concerns me more.

Have you sought professional help?

There might be an underlying medical issue; diabetes, for example, can make depression worse (and vice versa).

And then, clinical depression is also a physical disease in itself.

Listening to any type of music can be spiritually harmful. Depends what you are using it for.

The new age electronica i think i know what you are talking about.

It sounds good yet it’s so profane.

Gregorian Chant is easy on the ears as well, and yet it has a better potential to be contemplative.

Again, it all boils down to what you are using it for. Generally speaking, i see the modern music as a lesser good, lesser potential for spiritual good overall when compared to Gregorian Chant or even some of the Classical Music.

What bpbasilphx mentions about if in doubt don’t listen to it is good advice that can be applied in all walks of life.

Should i do this activity? i have reason to believe it might harm me spiritually. But wait a minute, i know of more spiritually wholesome activities to partake in which i could just as easily busy myself with so why take the chance?

It depends on what the music itself is doing to your brain. I wouldn’t be taking any notice of what others say about the music. I remember the silly things they made up about some of the Beatles’ music.

However if the lyrics are bad or suggestive well then that’s a clear no.

I don’t mind some of the more lively forms of House music because I like the beat and I like to following the different strands within the music (I first started doing that with Classical music). Plus a lot of that sort of modern music has no, or barely any, lyrics which suits me fine.

If the music puts you in a good frame of mind and doesn’t lead you to sin - then go for it. Music that you like is good for the soul.


Try listening to these. They’re much more happier. :smiley:

Hmm. Well I think maybe I should show you what this music is like for you to understand why I think it might be harmful:

Now I don’t know why I listen to it. I guess I like the sound of it, but I think it’s because of my mental state if anything. I feel like it’s my emotions expressed in sound. But listening to this music just makes me more depressed and then it’s like a loop of depression; expression; depression etc.

Do you mean like MGMT, Daft Punk, M83, Modeselektor, Kraftwerk, Justice, Unkle, and Animal Collective? Some of those bands are great.

I love Daft Punk!
No, I’m talking about bands like in my example that are on the “darker” side of electronic.

Yeah I used to be a mix DJ with the turntables and timecode vinyls, VirtualDJ/Traktor software on my laptop, and headphones on my head… Justice, Daft Punk, MGMT, Ladyhawk, Dragonette (their music is definitely vulgar and inappropriately suggestive), Pryda, Prodigy, Fischerspooner, LCD Soundsystem, Tom Snare, Benny Benassi, as well as tons of house, electropop, electro, and that similar stuff…

On my own, I gave it all up once I gave my heart to Jesus and to live a moral life. Most of it was monotonous drone, aside from a few upbeat tracks. Tons of gross, sexual references in the stuff… you can just tell by the cover art on most of the CDs. The easiest stuff for me to classify as “depressing” was my entire Boards of Canada discology. If anyone is familiar with them, they are a kind of IDM-style band with hypnotic beats and eerie soundscapes. I used to love the melancholy sound. The fact that people all over forums online said they would use subliminal messaging didn’t bother me, but after a while I think I could feel it. Title tracks like “Devil in the details” and “You Could Feel the sky” only start to describe how the feel of their music was.

I would stick with some popular classical music sets now, some Gregorian or orthodox chant, and keep it low on the depressing music. It will affect your mind. Go read some good books, have a Saint votive candle lit at all times and relax!

There is nothing wrong with listening to bands like Daft Punk. There is some really good techno and electronic music in the world. Please, don’t make yourself stick to just classical and chant. You’ll be denying yourself some great tunes.

I’m talking about the group called The Knife in particular from Sweden. Anyone heard them?

Oh and j2c99:

I see you’re from FL (or in FL lol). That reminded me of Diplo, who I really like in the genre we’re talking about! He’s from there. Have you ever heard of him? He’s worked with MIA and done some really cool stuff with Brazilian Carioca Funk. His CD “Decent Work for Decent Pay” is reaaaaaally good.[side note closed now haha]

Yeah I’m familiar with some Diplo. I’ll have to check out that CD you talked about… thanks for the tip. :thumbsup:

Oh I also looked into Boards of Canada and yeah…they’re into some really creepy stuff. I actually like their song 1969 though. Other than that…no thanks. Especially the songs like A:B::b:C and You Could Feel the Sky.

Why would any Christian continue to listen to that if the song says “a god with hooves, a god with horns”?!

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