Can listening to post-modern music be spiritually harmful?


I have been listening to a lot of electronica/post-modern type music lately because I suffer from depression and I feel I can relate to it more easily than most music, but I can’t help but feel that a lot of the stuff I’ve been listening to recently is spiritually affecting me in some way.

I’m hesitant to include links to the music I’m talking about since most people would find it very strange and maybe even disturbing (I mean unless you want to know what I’m talking about, then I’ll show an example, but otherwise I won’t put any up).

One thing that got me kinda worried though is that I was on a lyrics interpretation website looking at comments on a song from a group I usually listen to and someone mentioned that he thought they were witches/pagans because of the lyrics of that song and other songs.
While it’s all hearsay and probably not true I figured if that fact wasn’t conveying spiritual harm to me, it might just be the fact that they are from post-modern and highly atheistic Sweden and their music reflects a lot of those ideas.

It just kinda disturbs me I guess?


If the words are hedonistic and many modern popular songs are, it can lead you astray and my inflict damage to your spiritual journey.

Music should encourage you and be based on truth. If based on lust or greed, they encourage the same and should be avoided.


Link me to it. Love some good electronica. Perhaps I can give you an opinion after :slight_smile:


Here are a couple songs I’m thinking of:

Neverland - The Knife

Silent Shout - The Knife

This group’s stuff


I think one reason why this thread isn’t overflowing with replies is because it’s something which a lot of us are having trouble identifying with in one aspect or another. For one, the genre you prefer isn’t a genre that has a history of causing people to stumble, unless, of course, it involves taking XTC or something like that.

As someone who looks to music as something of a second messiah, something to ease the pain and boredom or everyday life, I can understand your desire to listen to something which relates to how you feel. I’m sure, as you suffer from depression, that you feel like no one else understands you, so music has filled something of a void within you.

My advice is just to be wary. If something is making your conscience unclear, then give it a break for awhile. I don’t want to tell you that the devil or some group of demons is trying to attack you, but the devil works in very subtle ways, often using those pleasurable things which we find escape in. Be wary.


Phat beats. The music is pretty jammin’. the lyrics seem, at best, ambiguous in their meaning though (particularly in the second song). I have a little rule for myself (since I love all kinds of *all kinds *of music): 1) Godly music is in 2) Secular music is in if it doesn’t debase what is holy, or glorify what is unholy - there’s a lot of music that fits into that category. Why do you feel spiritually affected by this music?


I don’t know, I mean maybe I’m just more iffy about supporting it.

They’re from Sweden. Sweden and in general Scandinavia are very atheistic and new age/esoteric societies. I guess that comes from the fact that their tribe never underwent any type of Inquisition to enforce religion and even after their kings converted to Lutheranism, they weren’t fervent because they just converted to allow for trade possibilities. The pagan gods were outlawed but the ideas weren’t.

I guess what I’m getting at is that this artist in particular comes from a society that accepts abortions, euthanasia, atheism, and new age and occult modern philosophies.
A lot of their music seems to involve those themes which is unsettling to me, but they don’t seem glorify them. They actually question them, especially Scandinavian social practices, at least from my interpretation of the lyrics.

Other songs of theirs’ deal with suicide (“Silent Shout” and “Listen Now”), abusing authority (“The Cop”), family issues (“She’s Having a Baby”, “Forest Families”, “From Off to On”), the clean water crisis (“The Capitan”), and Scandinavian welfare practices (“We Share our Mother’s Health”) just to name some.

Maybe it’s just me feeling uncomfortable from the lyrics since they really are deep and get you thinking about things?

There are rumors though that these two (brother and sister) that are The Knife are involved in neo-pagan or some type of occult activities that they express in their music and art. (Look at the official video for “Silent Shout”, it’s disturbing!!) and also the lyrics from some songs like “Girls’ Night Out” that some believe is referring to pagan ceremonies at night. Also in “Forest Families” some believe the women in the song are involved in cult activities because they’re so mysterious… it’s unsettling :frowning: haha

In their concert they used lots of old runes, most of which are now official symbols of new age humanist philosophies or neo-pagan/neo-Heathen Scandinavian groups.


I’ll give you that their videos and lyrics are odd, but nothing really jumps out at me as unholy or sin-promoting. As was suggested above, perhaps a little ABAB experiment is in order. See how you are affected spiritually by listening to the music and then cut 'er off for a little while. Do it again, and note the changes. For lack of better adivce, I’ll just tell you that whenever lyrics seem ambiguous to me, I make up my own meaning (typically one that’s not dark or undesirable). Pray pray pray about it! :slight_smile: God knows what’s best.


I’m not going to listen to it, but if the lyrics are bad, you shouldn’t listen to it.

If you wouldn’t play it in front of God, don’t play it, because everything is before God.

The music itself can be bad or not, without the lyrics, depending on the emotions, passions or mood it places you in.

Generally the most spiritually uplifting music is sacred music, followed by classical music that is not too far from that style.

That it takes a little bit for some people to adapt to and adjust to listening to, I attribute partly in fact to spiritual reasons, and a certain necessary interior reform in fact. It is less the ‘immediate, sensory gratification’ type music but more the type of music that predisposes one’s own self to a more spiritual, orderly life and so less dependent on direct, immediate gratification.

One should not listen to too much music in general, of any kind, as music has a tendency to ‘take over’ the emotional life and thus make one prone to having one’s emotional life moved by exterior factors rather than interior ones.


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