Can Love Exist Without Any Life?

I was reading the “How to Love God” thread and an interesting question popped into my mind: If all life were to cease to exist, would love still exist? Now, I mean, with nothing to measure love, or anything like it, would it exist? Or have a purpose, in a Universe with no life? One of the reasons I ask is because love is not present or possible under certain conditions, then isn’t God not all-loving?

The gospel of John said that “God is love”-and theologians say that love has always existed within the triune Godhead. Without created life, there’d just be fewer beings to experience it!

God perfectly knows and loves Himself. The love of the Father for the Son and Their love for the Holy Spirit is not dependent on us. We are loved by our being able to participate in this, which is the choice we must make. The contrary choice is to reject God. God and His Love is still perfect even without us.

Life in this universe may well be but one of many forms of existence.There is no reason to suppose God’s creativity is restricted to the limits of human knowledge.

My thought is that love can only exist within some type of thinking mind. Can a rock or a plant love something or someone? I don’t see how that could even make sense.

So the question becomes, can a thinking mind exist without life?

I think it’s clear that a thinking mind cannot exist within humans or any other animals if they are not alive. But, assuming that God exists and is able to think, love could still exist there.

I suppose that I could get semantic and ask if God is considered to be “alive” or something else. If there is no life, as stated in your question, are you saying that there is no God in you hypothetical scenario? But now i think I am nitpicking further than you intended.

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You are assuming the mind cannot exist without the brain yet the Supreme Mind certainly exists without a brain… :slight_smile:

In my opinion, God (the Supreme being) is LOVE and God is LIFE. There cannot be Love without Life and there cannot be Life without Love.

True! Oops! I assumed that “no life” meant there never was life to begin with.

If we assume that thinking minds can exist without life, then yes, love could still exist.

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If every living thing on this planet died, there would be no emotion on earth because emotion is a psychological/emotional feeling. Of course this would be assuming there is no god.
If there is a god (assuming its the christian god) then love is everywhere at all times.

Think of it this way:

1.) God created all things, including love (obviously, if He is the Alpha; that is to say, nothing existed before Him, so therefore all that exists is His Creation)
2.) God is alive (we can assume this because death is a result of the original sin, and sin is the opposite of the essence of God, so God cannot be dead).

So the answer is no.

If you meant human life as opposed to any kind of life, then this is a bit more complicated. After all, if love is what drove God to create (this makes sense because God is self-sufficient, so to create would be irrational; but He knows love isn’t exactly “rational”, and that’s not a bad thing), and love is one of His creations, then how could creation be possible? Perhaps I’m missing something here. Am I wrong in saying love was what drove God to create? Was love something that came “attached” to Creation; that is to say, to create is a loving deed, so love just “is”, in that sense?

Paradoxes are mind-boggling!

Remenbering since I was probably 9 years old thinking about why we exist ? what would it be if there was only emptyness o not existing anything at all, when I imagine it got scare is probablly like the so called black hole un the universe …:hmmm: the only difference is that this exist inside the space… the universe created by the Almighty…:doh2: Now that I am an adult the only crystal clear response I found is that the Love of God always has been, IS and would ever be !!! … the Alpha and Omega …and God is Love!!!.. He respond to Moses, tell them when they ask for my name that… " I AM " send you !!!:extrahappy:

We human beings are living beings: we cannot “be” without being alive, without a living body. So from the perspective of humans or critters resembling us, there can be no love without life.

But before there was ever any life, before the Earth cooled off; there was Love between the 3 persons in the Trinity.

And, just like the love between a man and a woman leads to the pitterpattering of little feet; Divine Love expands through other beings as well. Divine Love led directly to your being and breathing!

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

God did not need to create us in order for love to exist. Love is eternal–it exists forever within the Trinity.

What makes love love is the fact that it must be chosen. True love is the sacrifice of self for the sake of the beloved. Not just any life has the capacity to do this. Only the human and angelic forms have been given spirits, souls, their very personhood with the ability to choose between moral actions

All love and all life comes from God, and He didn’t have to make any of it, He did so out of love so that a whole family might know and share in His love which is perfect, being trinitarian. If there were no life, there would be nothing at all including love, the meaning of life.

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I have come to think that love is life.

God loves you,

Even if there were no human life, the angels exist without physical parts and the good ones love God and God loves them.

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If one accepts the premise that God is love (1 John 4:16) and apprehend that to mean that love is an inseparable attribute of God. And if one accepts that God has always existed. Then one might conclude that it might be impossible for love to not exist. Wouldn’t one?


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