Can lutherans commit mortal sin?


Mortal sin requires full knowledge.

If you don’t believe in mortal sin you then can’t commit mortal sin - can you?


Anyone can commit a mortal sin. It is not just for Catholics.

The knowledge required is that the sin you are committing is a serious one. There are certain sins that are generally known to all people to be serious - eg murder, adultery, theft, pergury. The key principles of natural moral law are written in the hearts/consciences of all people.

As the Catechism says: “no one is deemed to be ignorant of the principles of the moral law, which are written in the conscience of every man.”


Everybody can and does commit mortal sin.

But only Catholics and Orthodox know to remit it via the Sacrament of Penance.



I don’t think not knowing the exact phrase “mortal sin” gives one a free pass on everything. Conscience is important here…


Of course they can. Anyone can commit Mortal sin. Buddhists, Muslims, Witches, Atheists, and Catholics. And while certain sins that are mortal for Catholics may not be mortal for non Catholics (like missing Mass on Sunday) Others are “written on the heart of Man” Murder, adultery etc. So yes, if the Lutheran person desecrates a host and assassinates a Pope, they have committed Mortal sin… They may not believe that or call it that but they will be judged my that…


Well, of course, not literally everyone (I know I’m stating an obvious thing, but it may not be obvious for everyone reading your post. I mean, people of any religion can, but some people never do and some people can’t because of very low mental capacity.)


Mary for sure. And tradition also holds John the Baptist and Joseph. Certainly children or the mentally handicapped. But there is also original sin to deal with as well and only 3 people, four if you count Jesus were spared being born into that…


The Church has no position on whether mortal sin is common or infrequent, and certainly does not teach that it is inevitable that everybody does/will commit mortal sin.


If you violate the Ten Commandments it is a mortal sin but I wondered if you don’t believe it then it isn’t?


St. Therese of Lisieux was told by her confessor that she had never committed mortal sin. I imagine there are other saintly people as well. But yes, I agree, it is challenging for the average American to never commit mortal sin.


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