Can making a choice (job choice) cause desolation?


I had a wonderful job where I would say I was 9/10 happy most days. While it did not pay well and had some stress, it was rewarding work and I had a wonderful supervisor and many best friends. Each day was a ton of fun and I was very engaged.

I believe I had a period of desolation start (though I did not know about consolation and desolation at the time) when a high-performing rival was re-hired by my department and was saying negative things about my work. Shortly after a job posting appeared in a related department where I have knew nice people that looked like exactly what I wanted to do with my career and paid more.

I moved to the job and the desolation got worse with tears every day, a stricter and cold manager, and an unfriendly team. The job duties turned out to be far from the job description and I hardly ever get to see the friends I have in this department.

Can life choices like this that aren’t necessarily immoral cause desolation? Can making life choices during periods of desolation make it worse? Or is it just normal human adjustment?


It depends. If you are happy in other areas of your life, and functioning well, then your desolation is probably caused by the job change and all it entails. You are grieving the loss of fun work, and a great atmosphere where you liked the manager and had friends as co-workers. That is normal. You are now in a painful situation which would make anyone desolate.

If however, you find yourself hating your entire life, including your outside of wok life, you may have depression. The signs and symptoms of depression include sleeping too much or inability to sleep, lack of appetite or overeating, irratibility, trouble making decisions, prolonged sadness, etc. if this sounds like you, you should see your doctor.

God bless you.


It’s never a good idea to make major life decisions during a period of desolation. It can indeed make things worse. At least now you know about consolation and desolation. I will pray for you that your job situation improves.


I think having a bad time at work can really bring you down and have a way of taking over you. How long have you been in the new job? I think starting a new job is always a bit stressful as there is a lot to learn and get used to but if it has been a long while and you feel the same then chances are it wont get better.


Any major change will cause stress etc… Let time pass and stay with it. And find pleasures AFTER work… Look after YOU above all…small treats etc…


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