Can marriage prep be done after the fact?

I’m hoping to be married one day. (I don’t have a boyfriend or potential husband.) I’m in my early 30s and don’t want to wait any longer than I have to. Can marriage prep be done after a wedding (after the FOCCUS test and by a priest faithful to the magisterium of course)? Thanks in advance.

Marriage preparation is something that is not essential to receive the sacrament. It can be dispensed from. However, pastors are usually wary of fast weddings. While everything might be OK, a request for a wedding “asap” sets of alarm bells that all is not right. Priests want to be sure as possible that they are presiding at a valid (both sacramental and civil) wedding. A rush to the wedding might indicate to a priest that the individual also rushed into the decision to get married.

When the time comes, you simply need to discuss with the priest your circumstances and you can work out the details from there…

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