Can Men Wear Rosary Bracelets?

Hi y’all,

I pray the rosary every day and I know the rosary is not a piece of jewelry. I carry two rosaries with me everywhere I go (one in my wallet and one in a rosary case in my pocket). I have seen a lot of rosary bracelets advertised out there but none really for men.

So, my two questions are:

-can men wear rosary bracelets or some other way that men can display their devotion to the rosary besides wearing it as a necklace which I don’t care for,


-will you please recommend some rosary bracelets or ideas for wearing as a sign that devotion?

God bless and thank you!


Might be a bit expensive but they are hand made and some might even look good on men.

Try rosary rings.

Do what you want. Mary or the Lord are not going to castigate you for wearing what you want in this regard. And. Who cares what* people* think?:shrug:

Many have worn the Rosary under their shirt. Many have worn it outside their shirt. If it is done out of love for the Lord, then no worries.

I make and sell rosary bracelets and have had men buy them for themselves from me many times before, so they certainly can and do regardless of whether or not they ‘should’. They do tend to all choose the same style which is certainly the least feminine, and made from Holy Land Olive wood. Rosary makers need to bear men in mind more when it comes to design, myself included.

As far as whether you ‘should’ is a matter of opinion. For me, I think a bracelet is easy to pray and very useful as a constant reminder, as well as being good for humbly and discreetly praying in a public setting. I see no irreverence so long as the intention is not vanity and is for prayer.

I won’t link to my own rosaries, but I will recommend that the most useful bracelet in my opinion is a FULL five decade coiled if anybody makes them near you. Also you can try rings as suggested by Pablope.

Yes. I have a very simple rosary bracelet. Whatever works.

Only if they have wrists.


I was given a Rosary bracelet once at a church function. A very nice wood-and-elastic-cord one. I wear it every so often, though I pray it much less than I should :frowning:

What is the reason for wanting to display your devotion for the Rosary to other people?

What is the reason for wanting to display your devotion for the Rosary to other people?

I can’t speak for others-but I wear mine as a reminder to myself who I represent and seek to emulate as a standard of living and holiness.

A outer, physical reminder of the inner reality of who my soul, spirit, and very life belongs to.

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