Can multidimensional mathematics be used to explain the Trinity?

I have seen apologists which are mainly protestants who use this method to better explain the trinity. Do you personally think that is a good idea to use this method?

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It could be an amusing diversion if you are discussing theology with a math professor. I don’t see it being useful for most people.

Provide the examples, and we’ll play “Find the Heresy”.

Mathemetics is a human science, and as such, while it reflects God in its own way, it, like any other human endeavour, will never suffice to map out the Trinity, and so will always end up confessing some kind of heresy.

The only way to “explain” the Trinity concisely and accurately, is the Athanasian Creed.

Matters of faith can’t be matters of reason, meaning we cannot arrive at all matters through science.

For example, we can prove through reason that there is a God, but we can’t prove through reason that He is triune. Him being Triune is a matter of faith.

(This is not saying that faith and reason are incompatible, they aren’t, they go hand in hand). This video explains it

I am not sure what kind of multidimensional mathematics you mean. If you mean anything to do with projection (looking at something from different directions), that would be modalism, not a good description of the Most Holy Trinity.

Here is an example in 3 dimensions (artwork inspired by the cover of the book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, by Douglas R. Hofstadter):

No, and not necessary. We don’t claim 1 = 3. We confess one eternal being who is three persons. Not one being who is three beings, and not three persons who are one person.


Mathematics won’t help, but understanding the distinction between “person” and “nature” or “essence,” can help.

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It might be fine just to use as an analogy, the way people in the past sometimes used a clover or water/ice/steam, but it won’t “explain” the Trinity.

According to private revelation in the Divine Mercy, the angels don’t understand the Trinity either, and their intellects are vastly more fine tuned. So anything humans could possibly ever conceive won’t be able to explain God. God is unfathomable.

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Multidimensional mathematics could be useful. 2 dimensions, maybe 3, would certainly be better than 1. But i do not think you would need more than 3.

Can multidimensional mathematics be used to explain the Trinity?

Via His WORD, God Created Creation
JESUS is The WORD of God
God’s Spirit Exists in Him and in His WORD

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