Can muslims have pets?


Are muslims permitted to have pets, especially pet dogs?



Well, dogs can be kept for guarding or to help the blind but not merely as pets in the house. Cats are ok . I would think also its ok to have birds and fish .

I am not an expert on this one ,

There is a great mainstream muslim site that answers question about islam to any one

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Thanks, meedo. I was wondering because I watched this video
and it has a lady in it who has two little dogs that are obviously not guard dogs…


You wil find many muslims not adhering to all the orders of Islam . Sadly.

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I have some distant relatives who are Muslims. (they keep cats and birds as pets) Correct me if I am wrong, but I was told they could not keep a dog in the house because it was unclean. And that the angles would not stay in a home that was unclean.

I was also told that part of the reason was because of the Jinn, even though not all Jinn were bad. That some dogs were of them, and that some Jinn could take the form of black dogs, and of Black snakes. So even as a guard dog they will not keep a black one. Basicly that’s what I was told.


They don’t keep dogs at home, well not muslim cannot touch dogs, as long as the doggy’s nose is dry they can touch them. Well why the nose is wetty they can’t touch i’m not sure. As probably what they find it unclean, thus they prefer cats, coz cats’s nose are always dry…hehe


It comes from Mohammed being scared of some dogs one time when he was trying to have some more of his “prophecies”. He made an excuse that the angel didn’t come to him that day because angels are afraid of dogs. :rotfl:


I used to be friends with a turkish muslim who I’ve since lost touch with, who had a large dog. They loved & cared for that pet just as well as we cared for our own dogs. I don’t know much about islam & it’s views on animals but I don’t think the dog was ever allowed inside their house, only outside.


Hilarious isn’t it! And Muslims actually go for this stuff! They believe that an angel will not come into a room if there’s a dog or a picture in it!:smiley:



It does sound a little out there…I suppose doggy portraits would be a big no-no.:slight_smile:

Hmmm…considering that our old black lab tried to “dig” out of our newly-remodeled bathroom one Sunday morning, I wonder…


Only thing worse would be a picture of a dog eating some pork chops, I guess. :smiley:


Or maybe their interpretation is not as hardline as yours?

I know in the Jewish faith unclean animals may not be eaten (unless one is goig to die) but there’s no ruling against “owning” them.


I gave my dog (a German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix) some left over pork chops last week. He ate them in about 30 seconds. :smiley: Next time I just need to take a picture…

I think the reason for the ruling in Islam that dogs are “unclean” is due to the fact that the nomadic Arabic peoples of Muhammads time were poor usually, and couldn’t afford even table scraps to be given to the stray animals which were undesirable to eat.


Maybe Muhammad was bit by a poodle as a boy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad Foofoo!


LMAO!!! :rotfl:


They’re allowed to have slaves, which they can treat *like *dogs, is that close enough?


Is that true? Are Muslims allowed to have slaves?




I’ve heard that many Muslims in the Sudan force Christians to be slaves…:frowning:


Whatever your right hand possesses

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