Can my child be baptized?


I’m a Protestant married to a “former” cradle Catholic. We were married outside of the RCC. She is divorced because her first husband left her for another woman. We have been attending non-denominational services for years and we are both disillusioned with the Protestant landscape and misery of a thousand different stances on this and that.

We have a new child and he is several months old. I desire for him to be baptized. Since my wife and I married outside of the RCC, is there a path to have my son baptized in the RCC should my wife and I decide to commit and she start attending mass again and me attend RCIA? Would my wife need to be reconciled to the Church before attending mass? What about me?

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A child can be baptized if the parents pledge to raise the child as a Catholic. This is something to discuss with a priest.

Anybody can attend mass, everyone is encouraged to attend mass. The only thing is, only Catholics in a state of Grace may take communion.


Good question. Can I chime in and ask a question?

Assuming you both agree to raise the child Catholic, wouldn’t you be allowed to Baptize the baby yourselves (standard Trinitarian formula) considering how important infant Baptism is in Catholicism?


Although anybody can validly baptize, outside of an emergency situation, it is only licit for a Priest or Deacon to baptize.


I don’t feel comfortable baptizing my own child. While I understand I “can”, I believe that this falls squarely within the bailiwick of a priest or pastor only.


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TRH is right. Anyone is welcome to come to Mass – even every day! But only Catholics in good standing can receive the Eucharist. Others can make a spiritual communion at that time.

I would encourage you to contact the priest and set up a meeting. Lay out your situation and he will get you pointed in the right direction to take care of anything that needs to be taken care of.

God bless! I’ll say a prayer for you and your family! Pray for me, too. I could always use it. :o


Thank you ever so much! I was hoping to do this soon and it sounds like I should. Thank you again. Prayers forthcoming…

God bless!




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