Can my divorced friend receive the Sacraments?

My friend was divorced years ago… and has several adult children from the marriage. His ex-wife remarried. After about 10 years he also remarried outside the Church. His second wife is now deceased. He would like to come back to the Church and receive the sacraments. But he says that he has been told he must get an annullment to come back and receive “all” the sacraments. He says he was told he could receive the Eucharist, but could not be buried in the Church. I’m not sure if he is just confused or what the requirements would be in his case. What he’s told me doesn’t make sense to me.

I always thought that if you were divorced and not married (living with) to another person (in this case, his second wife is deceased), then one could make a good confession and return to a good Catholic life. My friend has no intention to marry again.

Am I wrong? Thanks for your help in this matter… I’m confused now too.

I’m not sure who is telling him these things but they are not correct. Divorce is not an impediment to receiving the sacraments (except marriage) nor is it grounds for denying a Church funeral and burial.

If he was still married to someone he would need to obtain and annulment and have his marriage validated in the Church. But since the wife of his second civil marriage is now deceased that relationship is not an impediment.

You are correct that he simply needs to make a good confession and he can return to the sacramental life of the Church.

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