Can my grandchildren become catholic if their parents are not

I am a catholic and dont need harsh words said unless you have lived the horror myself and my children did you wont understand

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you can speak of faith with with grandchildren.

Even if their parents are not catholics:

Your grandchildren can go to official class of instruction for kids, if their parents agreed.

They can be baptized if their parents agreed and engaged themselves to offered them catholic instruction.

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You can teach them about Christ and take them to Mass with you.

For the children to be baptized there must be hope that they will be brought up as Catholics. Since the parents aren’t practicing, who will take responsibility for their religious formation and for getting them to Mass every week?


If it means that much to her, surely she would be the one taking responsibility for their faith formation and for getting them to mass every Sunday. So long as the parents consent to it anyway, which the OP seems to think they might with the way she’s worded her post


I think it’s more important to focus on your own children before moving on to grandchildren. 8s there some reason you would not think your own offspring might return to the faith?

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I am a catholic and unless you have lived the horror you would not understand

My children were not allowed to become catholics due to their father who refused to even consider it and mocked my religion but I taught them all I had learnt in private as I was afraid of him ,he left but as the children are scared still of him in their adulthood they dare not change sadly .

There’s a whole lot there that doesnt make sense to me. But bottom line is. If you failed to teach your own children the faith it does little good to try to expect your influence on their children yo be so great that you can raise Catholic grandchildren… I dont know where you live but if you are concerned for your or their safety from their father you should get help. If I were you I’d spend my spiritual currency and time praying for the conversion of your own children and their father. I assume the children have spouses that are independent of their father.
Parents are the primary educators of the faith. So the responsibility is theirs not yours. Your responsibility was your kids. And still kind of is. I’d be careful because they could take it as a meddling grandma and that coukd further damage the relationship and hope of conversion.

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Talk to a priest. I know a couple who effectively raised a grand daughter as Catholic, with their daughter not being Catholic. They had her support. The priest made them promise to provide Catholic formation, take her to mass, etc. They did this always, they even paid for Catholic school tuition. It is a unique case, but not impossible. Talk to your priest.


Obviously she should talk to her grandchildren’s parents first. It sounds like they would not be open to that!

Ifew here understand what scars our lives have left

Thank you for understanding what I was trying to get across as I have my daughters consent and they will make sure their children will attend and have all information provided.


Their Parents are happy for this .

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It sounds meddling if it goes against the parents (both) wishes and it also sounds like it could endanger your children yourself and your grandchildren who are afraid of someone. Honestly the best and most prudent thing you can do is prayer. In fact that’s the only thing you should do.

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Your welcome. Talk to your pastor, that is the best thing for you to do.

You’re assuming the grandparents live close enough to do this. We don’t know that’s the case.

And overall, what @Hoosier-Daddy says is right. It would make sense to focus on bringing your children to the faith so that they can properly pass it on to their children. It sounds like you’ve discussed it with them. Keep encouraging them in this direction.

With the parents blessing YES if they are minors. Once they reach the age of adulthood they can definitely choose the Catholic Faith for themselves. JUST make sure that the parents BOTH are on board with you teaching your grandchildren the Catholic Faith and bringing them up in that Faith.


Hoosier-Daddy as I said both parents want this but as my daughters do not themselves wish to go against their father , I am not in danger neither are my children but they were conditioned by their father not to go against his wishes ,they have not gained the strength to know its ok .I know he wont harm them as I have gained strength in my faith but they have not but wish their children to be bought up as they were by myself .

SuscipeMeDomine, as I have said my 2 x daughters are unable to let go of the fear of going against their father but they know he has no say over their children ,if you had lived our lives you would understand .

I’m assuming that she lives close to her grandchildren given that she’s suggesting being the primary person to help with their faith formation and taking them to mass.

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