Can my husband go to heaven?

My husband, who was only 39, recently committed suicide. He was clinically depressed and had a chemical imbalance. He was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. He was in therapy, but took his life the day after he was discharged. I know he wasn’t ready to be taken out of therapy. His father and step-mom did a lot of witchcraft to him, when he was young.They instilled fear in him. I have prayed rosaries for him. Is he in heaven? What can I do to help him? He was a good man with a huge heart.

Dear Friend,

I am sorry to learn of your loss. People commit suicide to stop the pain–especially mental pain. This certainly seems to be the case with your husband. It is very possible that he is in heaven. But in case he is in purgatory, I suggest that you continue to pray for him. You might also have a Mass offered for him. Just go to your parish office and ask to have a Mass offered for him. The offering is usually five or ten dollars if you can afford it. If not, the Mass will be offered anyway. I will pray for him as well.


Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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