Can my mom still have communion because of this


here is my question my mom married a non religious man and she is catholic my step dad is not this is her second husband she got married by a judge can she still have communion thanks


Your mother should talk with her priest.

It's not appropriate for you to tell your mother she can or cannot receive communion.

You may not know all the facts. You do not say if her first marriage was declared null, and you do not say whether she received a dispensation to marry the non-Catholic in a civil ceremony. You may not know all the details.

If she did marry outside the Church while still married to her first husband in the eyes of the Church, then she should refrain from the Eucharist. Again it is her priest's place to tell her this and help her correct the situation, not you.


Your mother should talk with her pastor about her current status and any steps she needs to take regarding her marriage. Unless she has asked for your advice, it’s tricky at best for a child to get involved in a parent’s affairs.


this was in 2008 though


It sounds like you are worried about her soul, and I am glad you are. Maybe you can find a way to talk to her about it, find out if she did get an annulment, did she have dispensation. Find the truth, pray for her to be receptive to the conversation.




The best bet is to just explain the Church teaching and encourage her to talk to her priest but a child telling a parent whether or not they should be taking EUCHARIST is not appropriate.

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