Can my sister receive Communion after a divorce?


Could you please help me with a question I have about my sister. She was baptized Catholic and married in the Catholic Church. After 19 years of marriage, she was divorced. Then several years later she remarried and has recently divorced again.

My mother told her that since she is not married now, she can receive Communion in the Catholic Church and she has done that. I have been worried about this, because she has not gotten an annulment. I feel like I want to find out the correct answer and tell her. But I felt like she should not be receiving Communion. Could you please answer this for me?


Since your sister is not married right now, she is not in a continuing state of adultery that would prevent her from receiving Communion. That means your mother is partially correct. However, if your sister did not go to confession before she started receiving Communion again, she should consider going in order to confess civilly remarrying without an annullment. Once that is taken care of, your sister is free to receive Communion so long as she remains in a state of grace.

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