Can non-Catholic Christians recieve ashes on Ash Wednesday?


I'm a Protestant currently considering conversion to Catholicism and I wanted to know if I go to mass tomorrow, if it would be acceptable/proper for me to receive the ash cross on my forehead, or if that is reserved only for confirmed members of the Catholic Church?
Thanks and God bless,


Yes, anyone can receive ashes tomorrow.


I'm in RCIA right now and they, the RCIA staff, told us we should get the ashes even though we are not "confirmed" or in some cases even baptized, right now.

So I say go for it.


You bet. All are welcome.


Yes! I received ashes before I was received into the Church. :)


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You bet. All are welcome.


Also there are several Protestant denominations that observe Ash Wednesday. Examples Anglicans, Episcoples, Methodists, Lutherans.


Yes, absolutely! Everyone is welcome at mass, and everyone is welcome to ashes. But please remember that ours is a closed communion. When it’s time for the Eucharist, please stay seated. Don’t worry, you won’t get any dirty looks. :slight_smile:


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