Can non Catholics receive Sacramentals?

I know this is not the exact section but I figure if this is for Sacraments someone should know about ssacramentals.

I am a Closet Catholic to young to go through RCIA however I do practice my faith I have a Rosary and I do pray it. I was wondering if I could get it blessed by a parish priest. If I can go to Good Friday or Ester Mass I was planning on asking the priest to Bless it before Mass, would this be an appropriate time?

Of course you can have it blessed…

How old are you? Does RCIA have an age limit?

Every body asks me that question! :extrahappy: I’m 16 I have to abide my parents. However I have felt for a little more than a year if not two that the Catholic Church is for me. For about a year know I’ve felt that the Roman Catholic Church was home. Yet now I don’t know why (probably because it’s been so long since I went to Mass) I don’t feel as excited (that’s not the word) about it. Now I’m feeling like I need just a little bit more time to discern. However I feel solidly Catholic. My only worry is that I will not muster the courage to ask for the Blessing especially in public. It takes a lot for me to just ask to go to Mass but this is not crippling it is just an extremely hard challenge. I can not go to Mass alone, I get my license in April and I’m hoping that later on in the year my parents will allow to drive to Mass every now and then.

Sorry it took me so long to respond; i just caught the end of the Mass on Relevant Radio.

Oh absolutely - please get your Rosary blessed! Take a small plastic bottle and get yourself some Holy Water too. There is usually a Holy Water spicket somewhere in the Church. Sacramentals comfort and strengthen. They are not “good luck charms”, but a dear memento from your Father and Mother.

I wear the Brown Scapular and no matter what horrible political nastiness is going on at work, it is a reminder of Who loves me and where I belong. May God bless you. I will pray for you.:thumbsup:

Yes, anyone can receive and use sacramentals. You can ask a priest to bless an object providing you intend to treat it with the respect due as a blessed object

A person under 18 would need the permission of at least one parent to attend RCIA, unless they are a independent minor according to the civil law.

Yes, absolutely.

Just one minor detail. If you’re going to ask him to bless the rosary on Easter, I would suggest that you do so after (rather than before) the Easter Vigil Mass. There is no holy water in the church from Holy Thursday to the Easter Vigil, and at the Vigil Mass the water is blessed (in a very solemn ritual). By doing that, when he blesses the rosary, he’ll be using the Easter Vigil water. If you are at Mass on Sunday morning, the holy water will already be there.

In general I recommend asking a priest to bless objects etc after mass, rather than before. Many priests are strongly focused on the upcoming mass and prefer not to be interrupted before mass.

Eastern Catholic Parishes maight not have holy water in the public areas; in Byzantine parishes, it’s blessed once a year, at the feast of Theophany… and usually bottled. It is available for the asking. (and sometimes, a small donation for the bottle.)

Sacrementles are, & should be, for all Christians. Most Protastant folks have simply lost their touch with these beautiful objects of the True Christian Faith. Maybe, like you they will get back “in touch.”

What happens to the Holy water for those three days. Is it drained into the ground or is the water re-blessed?

I think it is usually drained into the ground; probably via the closed sink in the sacristy. In practice it is drained frequently, and the holders cleaned; probably weekly. It is then replaced with fresh holy water.

Hi, I would like to encourage you on your way into the Catholic Church. I think that anyone older than 7 is considered “old enough” for RCIA, although a class with people your own age is definitely desirable.

Usually drained into the ground. Most churches have a “sacrarium” which is a special sink that drains directly into the ground. We don’t have one here, so I respectfully pour the water in the cemetery. Re-blessing usually isn’t done. Not only would that be akward from a spiritual point of view, but from both a spiritual and a practical (sanitary) view, fresh water is best for the Easter Vigil.

Yes you can! You can even get sacramentals blessed by a priest.

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