Can non Catholics that are Christians pray for us?


Is it acceptable for Christians in all denominations pray for us as Catholics.Can they pray for us if we are sick etc ? Can we ask them to pray for us ? I am curious about this since we are Christians. Also can we pray for their needs.I think it makes sense .What do you think ? ,John B


We can all pray for one another. I know that my list of people that I pray for each day includes lots of friends and family, Catholic and not. I ask lots of family and friends to pray for me, Catholic and not. I say Mass for my family and friends, Catholic and not. It’s really not a big deal. We can and should pray for one another.



We are all Gods people, we are all the Communion of Saints. God created everyone, catholic or not :pray::dove:


We are to pray for everyone. So why shouldn’t Christians of other denominations pray for us as well?


I pray for everyone. And I ask that everyone pray for me.


I have Protestant friends who pray for me and I pray for them.


Of course. The Catholic Church as a whole is in my prayers during this difficult time.


I accept prayer from non-Satanists and I don’t consider those in “denominations” or “non-denominational” institutions satanists.

Word of the day: “Ecumenical”


Sure, prayer workd. I always tell people “pray for me, not against me.”


Hi! Of course,Ye! We Catholics are Family of Christians,they are also follower of God and JesusYou can chat with me at my Facebook Account , please search for me: 告尤金 Thank you!


I don’t think you’d be able to stop them from praying for you.


Of course.


Hello Father,

Here’s a follow-up question that just popped into my mind.

Should we ask non-Christians to pray for us? I don’t see an issue with asking a Jewish person to pray for us, but I’m not sure if other religions (non Judeo-Christian) unknowingly invoke demons?

For example, would it be wise to ask a Hindu, Muslim, etc. for their prayers?


Thank you & God Bless


Thanks all for the great responses.I always think we can pray for everyone including non Catholics and non Christians. But. I think all people that are non Christians are not able to pray for us. Because we don’t believe in their religion or God or Gods. We believe in our God and we have can’t give non Christian religions the ability to pray for us. What do you all feel ? ,John B.


So you are in the camp that says, “God doesn’t hear the prayers of a Jew”? (Southern Baptist President Bailey Smith. 1990)


Muslims are an Abrahamic faith and we pray to the same God.


My Muslim friend prays for me, I don’t tell him not too. I never told my Baptist grandmother not to pray for. I never tell my Anglican and Baptist friends not to pray for me, and they don’t tell me (a Catholic) not to pray for them. I would never tell someone “don’t pray for me, because you’re Lutheran”! And I would hope they’d be fine with my prayers.


Yes, I know. But that was not my question.

The Muslims also beleive in the Jinn (aka genies). To Muslims, Angels and demons are a type of Jinn, but not all Jinn are Angels and demons. To the Muslims, there is a third group of Jinn that are somewhere between Angel and demon.

And the Jinn were something that pre-Islam that Muhammad adopted into his new religion.

So that’s what I’m asking a priest, is it’s ok to ASK a Muslim to pray for you?

NOTE: I’m not saying that you should tell Muslims to stop praying for you. I’m simply asking if it’s wise or prudent to ask for their prayers.

God Bless


Answer about Muslims praying for is that we do not have the same God. They reject Jesus as do the Jews.So no they can’t pray for us.They do not believe in the trinity. I have heard priests say this too.They do not follow our bible.But I see nithi ng wrong with praying for all people.


Before my minor surgery, a woman from a denominational church came in and asked if I would like her to pray for me. I said yes, please. Later, I wondered if it was because during admission, when asked my religion, I said Christian instead of specifying Catholic. It didn’t matter too much since prayer is prayer. I guess I would have preferred a priest or deacon or any devout Catholic, however.

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