Can not applying yourself in school be a sin?

Its not like I don’t do work at all, I just tend to be lazy and “wing it”. I still have all As and Bs. Could it be a sin since my parents want me to fully apply myself and are paying for my schooling?

No matter what the case could it be mortal?

Oh and is it wrong to have my parents check my work? Ex: math or proofread a paper.

I don’t think it’s wrong to have your parents check your work as long as they aren’t doing your homework for you.

Laziness is a sin, actually…one of the 7 Deadly sins, in fact, called “sloth”. So, I’d think it depends on degree, probably.

I’m actually not sure. Some really people who do extremely well in life don’t always do best in school. My brother once had a joke about that, that people who get As will work for a company, that the ones who get Bs will manage it, and those who get Cs will own it!


However, one thing to keep in mind that grades will be one of the determining factors later in life for…getting into college, scholarships, etc. So, that might be one thing to help motivate you, if you can see the reasons why it’s a good idea to keep high grades, if you are capable of it.

Your grades will probably be a determining factor if you get accepted into college or not, which colleges you’re accepted to, etc.

I think if a). your parents are paying for your schooling, b). your parents have indicated that they would like you to apply yourself more, and c). it is reasonable for you to apply yourself more, then you should apply yourself more. We are supposed to obey our parents. This does not seem like an unreasonable case of doing so.

Oh, one thing in my family is that I’m from a family of 11, and my parents told us they couldn’t afford to send us to college, but that they’d help us in the form of signing student loans for us.

That was a VERY good motivator for us to want to study! If you pay your own schooling, you’d probably be much more driven to succeed. Often, we take for granted what we don’t pay for, that comes too easily to us.

I have had this very same problem also with volunteering. Because I’m not charging for my work and time, people can take me for granted. However, I had one student who said my work was then actually worth even more BECAUSE it was given!

Yes in this case it seems to be a sin but not mortal but that is between you and God. As long as it is your work and not your parent then it is not a sin but the opposite of a sin

Well I suppose I feel bad about them checking my work because I feel like it gives me an unfair advantage since it’s near impossible for me to get it wrong( well… as long as my parents are right), whereas without them I would get the question wrong(not always but in plenty of cases).

First of all: Don’t hide your light under a bushel! (Jesus, paraphrased). Honestly, it seems like your schooling is currently too easy for you. I assume you’re going to a private high school. I don’t know about sinfulness on this account - I do, know, however, that you will probably struggle in college/university (depending on where you go and what you major in). As for concerns about your parents proofreading your papers and homework, I would talk to them about it. It looks like they know that you’re winging the material and trying to make you pay attention to what you are doing. By the same token, you might not learn your lesson about slacking off until it kicks you in the butt with a “D” or “F” - possibly in college.

Not applying oneself in school is a sin because it shows sloth, one of the seven deadly sins.

What does it mean to “apply yourself”? As a kid I was forever taking home report cards with notes that I did not “apply myself”. I had and still have ADHD. Some subjects came naturally and I made good marks there easily with hardly any effort, like English lit and science that did not involve math, history and the social sciences.

But come to math and grammar I would work for hours over homework and it never sunk in. I did not ‘get’ it no matter how hard I tried.

I think that was before ADHD was understood and consequently I was accused of laziness. But that was far from the truth, I worked like crazy. But that gave evil step-father an excuse to beat me black and blue every six weeks!

I was not helped or tutored at all either.

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