Can one amend a Baptismal Certificate?

I had a question about the rules of the Catholic church. I would like to amend the baptismal certificate of my daughter. Seven years ago I was young and unmarried when I had my daughter baptized. I have since legally changed her name and I feel my husband is her true father (although not biologically). The biological father has completely disappeared for years. I would like my husband to be listed as her father and to change her name on the baptismal cert. She will soon be finishing up her rites of initiation and I would like this fixed before. I have also thought about “re-baptizing” her. I would
appreciate any advice on this.

Dear Rita,

The baptismal certificate is taken from the book of baptisms that every parish has. Each entry testifies to the truth of the bapstim that took place on a particular date. You cannot change the evidence of that reality. No one tampers with the data! However, additional information may be added to the entry.

Further, the Sacrament of Baptism initiates us into the life and death of Jesus Christ whereby we become members of His Body and are called Christians. One is baptized for that reason alone.

Attempting a second baptism in order to correct the records to one’s liking–or for any other reason–is putting the cart before the horse and is not allowed.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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