Can one be a Catholic and a Scientologist?

I have a friend who goes to church every week, but also has been taking courses at the nearest Scientology “Church”. He claims it is interdenominational, however I have read that Scientology has a very strange “belief” system that most beginners do not know about and only retain after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. I have tried to tell him to stop going to that, but he claims it helps him, so I guess I can’t judge him in that case.

One is either 100% Catholic or 100% not.

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Curious if you have asked him ‘how’ it helps him?

My guess is that he will soon be asked to fork over a lot of cash for them to take the help to the next level.

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Scientology is a quasi religion; and religion is something that you cannot mix and match. You either believe, wholeheadedly, or you don’t.

The Church and Scientology go together about as well as Republicanism and communism.



Catholicism/Christianity is completely incompatible with Scientology. I have read somewhere that if you go to the highest levels of Scientology, which few but the wealthiest adherents do, you are told that L. Ron Hubbard is God.

depends what the reason is

evangelists and apologists will probably learn about other religions, in order to be able to dialogue with the people in those religions. this may involve needing to take a course on islam, or whatever it is

if he is taking it because he thinks it’s ok to incorporate other religions in to your own, then probably a bad idea

I don’t know enough about scientology though to really know how different it is

Have your friend read this:
NY Times Book Review of “Going Clear”
The Church of Scientology is a cult with many far-fetched beliefs concerning life and afterlife which go strongly against Catholic teachings. Steer clear of it.

There is also a documentary film, based on this book.

The New York Times is a cult with many far-fetched beliefs concerning abortion and contraception which go strongly against Catholic teachings. Steer clear of it.

HBO isn’t much better.

That’s not to say that Scientology isn’t evil, but surely there are better sources we can find rather than relying on pumping up the view counts on anti-Catholic sites.

Scientology and Christianity are incompatible with each other. Scientology was created by L. Ron Hubbard, a former Satanist. They use a cross as their symbol but they are not Christians. They don’t believe in the deity of Jesus, in fact Hubbard is quoted as saying Jesus didn’t exist at all. They believe that man’s salvation is true enlightenment, as stated in their creed: “That man is basically good. That he is seeking to survive. That his survival depends upon himself and upon his fellows, and his attainment of brotherhood with the Universe.” This is against Christian teaching that man is sinful and his salvation comes through Jesus. Google Scientology vs Christianity and you’ll find all kinds of information. Show it to your friend because he could be sucked into a cult before he knows it. In fact, here’s a good chart to start with

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He really needs to talk to a Priest, God Bless, Memaw

Uhm, Catholic teaching holds that man is created good, not created sinful.

Man was created good, even very good. However Adam and Eve introduced original sin and we still carry that stain. That’s why Jesus came into the world after all.

Catholics are taught that it is a spiritual work of mercy to instruct the ignorant. That is not the same as judging.

Your friend needs to talk to a priest, as many Catholics may be unaware of what “Scientology” is all about.

Can one be a Catholic and a Scientologist?


The name “Scientology” speaks volumes. It was invented by a si-fi writer. As a desipline it might be helpful, but as a viable religion as we know it-it is not. It is more akin to mind control. Pray that your friend finds his way back

The Bible tells us we cannot have two masters.

Catholics are especially called to be in a full relationship with God.

As a discipline it is harmful to tell people they are inhabited by slimy alien clams that must be removed in order for their thoughts to be their own.

How do you know that to be taught? Please verify.

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