Can one disagree with everything BUT the Dogmas of the Faith?


Can someone disagree with the Catechism, the First Vatican Council and infallibility of the Pope, and everything as long as they agree with the Dogmas of the Faith and still be considered Catholic?

Also, what happens to a priest who doesn’t obey the Western discipline of celibacy? I’ve read in This Is The Faith that celibacy is not so much a moral issue as one used in the West for disciplinary purposes.


The infallibility of the Pope is a dogma of the Church as is the authority of the Bishops in council. The Catechism is merely a systematic exposition of the Deposit of Faith. And, yes, one must give assent to all the doctrines of the Church.

So, I’m really having trouble understanding what you are asking.

A priest can request and receive permission (a dispensation) to marry. It’s called laicization and if laicized the priest can no longer exercise his priestly faculties.

A priest who attempts marriage without first receiving permission to leave the priesthood incurs penalties under canon law (see Canon Law for details) and can either be suspended or put under interdict.


Okay, makes sense! Thank you!


There are three D’s


One must accept and believe, not publically speak against the Dogmas and Doctrines of the Church.

One may disagree with Disciplines, but one must obey them and not encourage anyone to disobey them.

Devotions are personal choices one may accept them or not.


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