Can one give me a link to the catholic do not read/watch media list?

Or a list that you have would be most appreciated.:slight_smile:

That is where the Church expects you to be a grown up and know what is good and what is not good. No such list exists.

Thanks I was just wondering because I heard my friend talking about one such list and it got me wondering.:slight_smile:

Actually, the fact of the matter is the Church still does have “lists” in the form of the “O” (Morally Offensive) classification for movies: “This is the present-day counterpart to the old C or “condemned” rating. This classification is for films that are excessively violent, graphically sexual, or laden with non-stop vulgarity, or that have little or no redeeming social value or dramatic justification.” Of course, these classifications are from lay critics under the auspices of the Bishops Conference, so it technically isn’t the bishops themselves condemning the films, it’s lay people acting in name of the bishops.

The current “do not watch” list includes “Law Abiding Citizen” (yeah, like I’d knowingly watch a movie with Gerard Butler in it), the remake of “The Stepfather” (the 1987 original was condemned, also), and “Extract” (though calling a fictitious character’s band name a “blasphemous joke” is a bit of a stretch: the Catholic bishops warning mentioned nothing about the film’s depiction of drug use.)

So, yes, the list still exists, but it really doesn’t have much credibility anymore. It would if some actual bishops issued a condemnation from time to time, but there’s a snowball’s chance of that ever happening.

You can find what havana is talking about at the USCCB website.

I’m getting sick of movies. Once I went to them all the time. Now not any more. The movie theaters are literally a forum for bashing the Church, promoting promiscuity, etc etc etc. It’s so sad that it has to be this way:( Like that new movie The Invention of Lying? Since when was blashpheming funny??? Only the demons in hell should laugh at these sorts of things…:frowning:

For movies you can go to and it will give a rating for violence, sexual content, and profanity. It also describes the movie without giving away the plot. For example, under the violence paragraph, it might say “man hits woman over the head with club”. It’s the best movie rating system I have found.

The problem with discerning whether a movie is appropriate or not is that if you watch it to find out, well then you’ve watched it. Lists and reviews are helpful in that way.

The Index Librorum Prohibitorum?

I think that with CV II the Index was abolished by the Pope Paul VI

But I read somewhere that the TFP stills maintain something along the lines of the Index

God Bless You !!!

Another way that I have found to deal with poor movie/book choices is to not worry about staying away from the bad stuff, but rather busy myself with the good. I did this with book selections for our kids. I got a few lists of suggested books from Catholic homeschooling sites and Catholic authors and bought/found those. I would like to do that with movies as well - as soon as we’re able to do Netflix. I plan to put 5 or so good movies in the queue so we always have something good to watch.

I know that doesn’t help if you’re looking to always watch something new - but my idea also cuts down on expenses…

Thank you all very much!:slight_smile:

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