Can one have deliberate consent when they are not aware of it?

A weird question, I know. But one can never know with absolute certainty they committed a mortal sin or not.

So wouldn’t this imply that one cant have absolute assurance that they didn’t deliberately consent to mortal sin?

So does this mean that one can deliberately consent to a mortal sin even if he is not aware of deliberately consenting?

I think I understand where you are coming from, since there are certainly situations where it’s really hard to determine whether full consent was there, especially in cases of strong addition/attachment to a mortally sinful habit.

The straight answer to your question is no, one cannot deliberately consent while being simultaneously unaware in that moment that he was consenting. However, he shouldn’t just assume he is in the state of grace and think “I’m fine because I didn’t make an explicit act of the will to sin” - this sort of laxity is quite dangerous, since one should be terrified enough of the prospect of possibly losing grace that he would want to run to confession immediately. when a grave sin has been committed, one should have an immediate reflex to get to confession as soon as possible, even if he cannot quite figure out whether he fully consented or not.

??? I 100 percent know when I have sinned mortally. I examine my conscience and go to confession.

To do something deliberatley means to do something over which you have deliberated. That is, thought specifically about before proceeding.

That should answer the question.

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