Can one still be catholic and not beleive or hell?

i believe in an afterlife but not heaven or hell, can i still be catholic if i hold this view?

So, what exactly do you believe about the “afterlife”? What does the “afterlife” consist of in the absence of Heaven or Hell?

Heave and Hell are dogmas, so yes you must assent to them.

If one does not believe in heaven and hell then one does not believe in the Gospel.


We have our Creed, which specifically proclaims Heaven and Hell.

thats like having a car without wheels

If there isn’t a hell, where do you think Hitler is???

Hell is real. To not believe is a serious mistake. Encourage you to read the diary of St Faustina

Please note: on another thread the OP mentioned Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

In light of a mental health issue, we who are posting here need to be careful what we say.

I encourage the OP to take his concerns to his pastor and his mental health provider for help.

Hell is real. There are other accounts of visionaries being shown glimpses of Hell. Jesus warns of it many times

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