Can one still receive the host on the tongue at Mass?


As one who has been raised in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and has finally discerned to come to the Church of Rome, I wonder if one may still receive the host as was in the former custom of the Church, although I notice everyone seems to receive it in one’s hands. I still feel this profanes the host and wonder if there are others within the Church who subscribe to this tradition.


Receiving the host on the tongue is the universal discipline of the Roman rite of the Catholic Church. In some countries, including the United States, a dispensation has been granted for communicants to receive the host in the hand. In those countries that do not have the dispensation, Communion must be received on the tongue. In those countries that do have the dispensation, the choice ordinarily is the communicant’s whether he will receive on the tongue or in the hand. The only exception is when Communion is offered by intinction, in which case it must be received on the tongue.

In short, yes, you may choose to receive Communion on the tongue.

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