Can one take holy Communion more than once a day?

This is a question/ discussion on the “Liturgy and Sacraments” forum that I thought might be interesting for input from Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

I posted this response:

When I was a seminarian serving as sub-deacon at my assigned parish, I communed 3 times each Sunday per each Mass.

The idea of being in Christ’s holy Presence several times a day is a strong incentive but once a day is generally the norm for laity.

Any thoughts?

We can recieve twice a day, but the second time must be while celebrating a mass.
So if we recieve communion from our priest outside of the Holy Mass we cannot recieve communion for the rest of that day unless in a mass.

Also one may recieve a Third time however, but that restricted to emergency situations and the eventual third time then has to be the last rites.

The third time communion I can’t see happening very often as it requires attending mass twice (or once + a communion service) and the Last rites all within a timeframe of 24 hours.

Also the rules about how often the faithful may recieve communion where made in a time when people out of superstition did actually drop by several masses in one day only to recieve the Eucharist in order to grow spiritually (magical) a mishabit the church wanted to see come to an end.

This is at least my understanding of the Church’s rules about the reception of communion during one day.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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A layman should not receive more than twice per Sunday even if he attends three Masses. A priest must receive at each Mass he says so the rules are obviously different for him. They may well be different for the seminarian sub-deacon as well.

Yes, I understand. I experienced daily Mass in seminary including an assigned parish on Sunday morning. Feast days, Christmass/ Easter meant I participate in 3 Masses for couple years. The university held a 6pm Mass on Sunday for students unable to attend morning services. :smiley:

I’m sure there are areas where one Catholic priest celebrates Mass all day and at different parishes. God love them.

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