Can one validly confess and attend Mass anywhere?

As I understand it some non-Catholic Christians may approach a Catholic priest to have their confession heard validly if they spontaneous ask for it. This being the case may a Catholic approach another denominations (i.e. Orthodox) to receive the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) validly? Since some denominations are permitted to receive holy Communion in the Catholic Church, based on Catholic doctrine may we fulfill are obligation of Mass attendance by going to a church that believes in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist (i.e. Orthodox) and may we validly receive the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) in these same churches?


Confession of a Catholic to an Orthodox priest (if he permits non-Orthodox to do so) while having reasonable access to a Catholic priest is valid but illicit.

However, in order to satisfy a Catholic Mass obligation one *must *attend a Catholic ritual Mass (canon 1248). The Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Churches is a valid Eucharist but since they are not in union with the Catholic Church it cannot satisfy a Catholic’s Mass obligation.

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