Can one wear a rosary?

Good afternoon everyone. I bought my two-year-old (three in August) daughter a pink child’s rosary today. I know she is too young to pray the rosary, but I am going to let her hold I while I pray on mine and it will be a good bonding experience.

She thinks it’s so pretty and wants to wear it around her neck – is this okay?

As the father of two daughters, I would never let a small child wear anything around its neck that wasn’t made to break-away under the least amount of pull. I’d think a conventional chain or cord rosary would be a significant safety hazard for a child.


While I am generally a fan of rosaries around the neck, I’d say that for such young children, this should not be done.


Maybe look for a child’s size rosary bracelet for her instead? Three is old enough to understand that it’s something special to Jesus and His Mother, and a bracelet would be less risk.

It is a child’s one and it’s string is elastic. I wouldn’t let her wear it for a long period of time just if we went to Mass

I’d probably ask what I said last post - can she understand that it is something special? I’d let her wear it if she can, but if not put it off until she can understand it’s not just a piece of jewelry.

I think it is probably better not to encourage children or anyone to wear a rosary as a necklace. They are meant to be prayer beads and should be encouraged to be used in this way. Wearing a rosary as a necklace gives the message that they are an item of jewellery or a fashion item to adorn the body, hence there is a danger that the true meaning for their use can be lost. Many rosaries are blessed in order to give more power to the prayer so they should always be treated with reverence and respect.
God Bless!

I think that’s right. I will put it away and take it out when she knows better what it’s for

I had a similar question, which led me to this website. Here is a like to a pretty definitive answer on the wearing of a rosary. I would assume it also applied to those who have them hanging form their rear view mirror in their car.

Should rosaries be worn as necklaces

So can I have my Harley Blessed, and then pray on it to give more power to my prayer?

By all means have your Harley blessed, but then use it’s purpose for the glory of God, you may be surprised by where it takes you!

God Bless

If it’s a safety hazard then I would say no. However you can wear a rosary around the neck.

It should not be worn as jewelry, but it can be worn with devotion. God bless you.

My cousins and I all wore rosaries when we were little kids. We seemed to have an endless supply of glow in the dark plastic ones.

LOL, not exactly what I was trying to say, but funny still. The point I’m making is getting things Blessed does not give extra special powers to them.

“It doesn’t mean it becomes a lucky charm. The priestly Blessing is merely a way of showing gratitude to God for his divine grace and putting these Blessed items under his watchful care.” “Holy water reminds the owner that the Blessed item is now reserved for sacred use (to enhance prayer life for example) and shouldn’t be used for profane (nonreligious) use.”

“Blessings aren’t magical, but Blessings do change an object into a sacramental, which means that it’s a reminder of God’s Grace and generosity and, particularly when used in conjunction with prayer, invokes God’s Blessing on all who use it.”

Quotes by Rev John Trigilio Jr. PhD, ThD (Priest, Pastor, Ewtn co-host of council of faith and President of the com fraternity of Catholic Clergy)
Rev Kenneth Brighenti, PhD (Priest, Pastor, Ewtn co-host, and managing editor of Sapienta magazine)

So I guess maybe I’m wrong!!! I’m not sure, but I’m still wearing my Rosary and my Brown Scapular, as I believe the Holy Mother asked.

QUOTE=Debra Taylor;12221633]By all means have your Harley blessed, but then use it’s purpose for the glory of God, you may be surprised by where it takes you!

God Bless

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