Can one's faith bring the real presence to the Eucharist?

I am a new converted Catholic, I was raised southern baptist.
And after lots of study and prayer I realized that there is a real presence of Christ in the Eucharsit. My question regards to the teaching that only a Catholic Priest or Orthodox Priest can bless the host and wine.

My problem is this if one person of another faith believes in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist even if the teaching of another does not agree, wouldn’t the person who believes be blessed with the real presence as well.

My grandmother was not allowed to become a full member of the Catholic church because she was divorced, this is pre vatican 2. But she believes in the real presence and honors Mary in her daily rosary and other prayers. She is a Lutheran because she found this faith to be the closest thing to the Catholic Church.

Surely my grandmother and many others receive the gift of the eucharist through the power of faith and believing.

Dear Reid,

The real presence doesn’t come about because of the faith of the one receiving the Eucharist. It comes about by the power invested in the one who consecrates it by reason of having been validly ordained. If your grandmother desires the Eucharist, she should see a priest to inquire if it is possible for her to return to the Catholic Church. It may be possible. She is in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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