Can only priests wear a Roman Collar?

In new to the forums!! I’m using my Itouch… Anyways … I have always wonder if only priests can wear a Roman Collar… Could regular people wear one? No joke I wish i could wear one

It would be good wouldn’t it. . . :slight_smile:

I want to be eather a school teacher or. Priest… If I chose to be a priest could it be inapropiate for a 17yr old guy to wear one at school or somewhere else?

I think it’s a privilege that only comes with the office, I don’t even think seminarians are allowed to wear them! :eek:

You could become a priest and teach at the same time. :slight_smile:

Other Christian priests/ministers wear an either identical or at least similar collar, it is not strictly a Catholic tradition.

However, wouldn’t wearing such a garment, without the office that it pertains to, be deceptive to others?

Indeed. And impersonating a priest, like impersonating a police officer, doctor etc, is a crime in at least some places.

I think, and someone correct me if I am wrong, a permanent deacon could wear one. IE say a prision chaplain. I still wouldn’t wear it if I were a deacon though as it conveys the image that I could give confessions, which I could not as a deacon.

Or last rites, which might be worse still :frowning:

Here in Berlin seminarians are allowed to wear the Collar as soon as they have been officially accepted as consecration-candidates by the bishop.


In my diocese, transitional deacons (deacons who will be ordained as priests) can wear the collar, but permanent deacons are discouraged from doing so.

The so-called clerical Collar is supposed to be the front of a cassock over the kind of stiff collars that all gentlemen wore once upon a time.

Eastern deacons wear them and cassocks all the time.

Chrissi, I’m thinking the seminarian collars have either one or two vertical stripes on the white collar to distinguish from an ordained priest. Do you or anyone know?


Please don’t. That would be disrespectful, regardless of what various ‘technical’ analyses might suggest.

Bishops, Priests, Transitional Deacons, and Seminarians may wear the Roman Collar. Sometimes Permanent Deacons can wear the collar, but only when directed by the local Ordinary whilst serving in certain functions associated with The Church: funerals, communion service using previously consecrated hosts and wine, courtroom proceedings and such. I hope this helps.

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