Can people in heaven see us?


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But anyway, I keep getting told that my mother/etc is ‘watching over me’. Is this true? Would she be able to see what I’m doing or thinking now? Would a person in heaven be able to see what more than 2 people are doing in different places?

I always assumed it’s a quality that God only has.


St Paul encourages us, reminding us that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. These are the Saints in heaven.

Those in heaven are outside of time and the constraints of the physical world.


Our loved ones in heaven could be kept informed about our current activities by God himself or by God’s holy angels.


I speculate that it depends on how close they are to God.
The closer, the more like.


It’s also possible they can see directly if they want to.


When I was in RCIA we had a group discussion on this very subject. I remember one of the leaders said to us, “just because our loved ones are in heaven doesn’t mean they are no longer part of our family or wider circle. We should still acknowledge them”. That was very comforting to me and I remember those words often. We are all connected to our Creator. :heart:️I would like very much to think that my dad knows it when I light a candle for him and send him my love.


Things are gonna be awkward if I get to heaven eventually :no_mouth:


You’ll be too busy rejoicing to feel any awkwardness. :latin_cross:


I believe they can see us and by the grace and blessing of God, He allows our loved ones and Saints to “drop” by, especially in a time when we are praying for help or in a situation where we need to have an intercession. I have had a rose delivered via a little boy who I never met, in fact he lived miles from me, the rose was from St. Therese who is very special in my life. Another time when I woke up in intensive care after what was suppose to be a simple procedure, the first few days I was alert as I could be and out of no where I heard my deceased twin brother telling me"Anna you will be alright, I know you hear me, God heard your prayers " So I had two instances where I received a message from heaven. I need not go any further than that. God Bless you.:rose::rose:.


I hear you!:scream:


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