Can people that are born with psychic gifts help people with this gift?


I’m just wondering if someone has a gift of psychic ability and can help people with their gift, is the Catholic church ok by the use of this? In using their gift I do not mean with the Tarot which I realise is satanic (even tho many do not realise this). Also if they are aloud to use their gift to help others must they do this without material gain? I am not referring to those that do Medium channeling as I also know this is a sin and the information is given by dark angels, because god says in the bible we cannot summon the dead, trying is a sin. If the answer is no, I would also like to know why some are born with this gift and how they manage it so they are not using it. I would also like to know if meditating is ok?

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The following links should help answer your questions about being psychic. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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