Can people with schizophrenia have a normal relationship with God?

I’m schizophreniac and I consider myself to have an excelent relationship with God. Until I read that schizophrenic people use to “make things up” and alter reality. I feel very listened and loved by God, but i’m afraid i’m making things up…I wonder, does someone who is mentally ill have less chances to reach God?

Of course you can have a “normal” relationship with God!

Your condition might present challenges, but nothing that can’t be over come. If you yourself have a tendency to “make things up” or hallucinate, then you may need to be careful to discern our true Lord from these products of your disease.

Other than that, just stay true to the faith as taught by the Church, and follow through with your treatment and doctor’s orders, and you can lead a fulfilling faith life :slight_smile:

Read Psalm 139 - it’s all about how God made us each as individuals and knows each moment what we do and how great His love is for us. :blessyou:

Hi alix

Can i ask. When you do hear any voices is it actually Audible. Or do you Just hear the voice made by your Mind in your mind.
I can hear a voice made by my mind to my mind when i am talking to God and i think he is talking back to me. Sometimes i think could i be makeing things up with my own mind.

Peace be with you.

When we suffer, we are very close to Him. Though sometimes we don’t feel it, but remember it’s not all about feelings. Do not stop praying, always pray to remain faithful and hopeful and trusting.

We don’t need to make up or pretend that He loves us; His love for you is always a reality and that will not change no matter what you go through. It is a great comfort in suffering to know that you are still His and He is yours, and nothing will take you away from His love for you.

Often times when we suffer we go to our comforts and attachments and other things, but we must seek in Him alone. Everything is permitted or chosen to be by Him; it is all in His hands and He is always with you.

Oh yes, indeed, you can have a normal relationship with God. Remember, as our Creator—collectively and individually—God knows each and every single one of us better than we even know ourselves. He’s like a watchmaker, only so much more: He knows every single little curve in even the tiniest of niches and gears within us, because He has made them, each and every one.

I would encourage you to take advantage of the Holy Sacraments, especially the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Penance, because Jesus gave them to us to keep us strong! This relationship with God will help you discern which thoughts you have in your head are good and righteous, and which are not. Rest assured, my friend, that people with schizophrenia are not the only who have strange thoughts pop into their heads, or who make things up, and you might not even be experiencing that anyway. We are all a lot more similar than we are different, but it is true that some people have a heavier burden than others. God knows the burden of each of us, and is the perfectly Just Judge who is infinitely merciful. I think one of the absolutely most helpful things for any person to do when they start to have thoughts like fear, doubt, anger, jealousy…whatever they might be (but especially fear) is to say “Jesus, I trust in You; Jesus, I trust in You; Jesus, I trust in You.”

Or, if you prefer the Latin, “Te confido, Jesu.” :slight_smile: Also, keep in touch with your angel, your Guardian Angel. Every person has one. Most of us cannot see them because angels are pure spirit and do not have bodies, though we know that some people have actually seen their angels in form, when God allows that to happen. Your Guardian Angel is your great aid: his (angels aren’t male or female, but I’ll just say “his”) devotion is to absolutely serving God, and God has sent him to watch over you for God. Because he serves God, with total and complete obedience, he will never overrule your free will, because God has given you free will. But you can certainly ask him for assistance, because under God’s command, he will absolutely help. Your angel will follow you everywhere you go, and give you great aid, and counsel. You’re never alone, even in the darkest night, because you always have God (and your angel, and all the angels and Saints in Heaven, and Our Lady, and… :slight_smile: ). Again, angels are very important during our times in this life, because they really do want us to join them in Heaven in the next life, for their love of obedience to God. They really are helpful, and I can affirm to this: especially if you are having strange thoughts or dreams, or if your mind is racing from one thing to the next, ask your angel for help, and say, “Jesus, I trust in You!” Just thinking so will take your mind to where it needs to be.

Hopefully you know this prayer, but if it not, say this prayer to acknowledge your angel everyday:

“Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day, be at my side, to light and to guard, to rule and guide. Amen.”

And the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus is another really great daily prayer that will stay with you all day.

When I read what you say that you feel listened and loved by God that doesn’t seem like you are hallucinating. If you said that you were having conversations and he was sending angels to talk to you that would be something you may need to speak to your priest and doctors about. I think it is normal to be loved and listened to by God. It is what we all strive for in our prayer life. Your disease may present a cross in your life but God will overcome it. If you start feeling like you are having “revelations” that no one else around you in your parish is that is something that may be the disease. Only your doctors can really work with you on any specific thing.

You may want to get a Catholic/Christian doctor that is willing to work with you.

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