Can Practicising Catholic Attend Bar Mitzvah

As a practicing Catholic, am I permitted to enter a Synagogue and participate in a Bar Mitzvah cermony?

Yes, but just as a member of the congregation, not an active participant.

Yes. Catholics can go anywhere. How else would we evangelize those without God? Those with missguided concepts of Jesus or the Holy Spirit?

Gods wants us to evangelize and you can do that by going and just showing your Faith. Just let them see your Faith by your examples. Do not insult them by preaching your Faith, just live it with them.

Enjoy the activities but remeber, do not participate in relgious events that are against Christs teachings (the Church’s). Watching is OK, praying to our Heavenly Father is OK, singing a song about symbolic presence in communion is herisey (I used a protestant example here since I’ve never been to Jewish services).

Have a good time with them and enjoy yourself. And remeber this one thing, Jesus was a Jew too!

Jesus loved the Jews, he was a Jew, and therefore I love all Jews and have a hope for them all:love: .

PS, I wish I could go with you, I know you’ll have a great time with wonderfull people. Should I be so lucky? Go there already!

Hi all!

There was a priest (the son of a business friend of my Dad’s) at my bar mitzvah.

RobertM, you should cover your head with a kipa (a yarmulke), see

See for info on what a bar mitzvah is.


Be well!

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