Can Protestants Be Saved?

This question is confrontational in nature, but I think that it is important. Actually probably the most important question I have ever asked. I would consider myself a Christian, am I? Or am I one of those people who will say "Lord Lord"and Jesus say “I never knew you”(not exact quote just off the top of my head).

This is a general question for all Non-Catholics. I posed a question recently why aren’t you protestant. Most generally the answer was that we do not have the fullness of truth. Is what truth we have enough?

I know that a recent pope has said that if protestants have not seriously thought about or heard about the catholic church that they could be saved (just a paraphrase I didn’t feel like looking this up again). Which was a kind of adjustment from Unam Sanctum.

I did not add my own beliefs because I want this to be a general not specific question. I don’t mind being linked to older posts about the same subject.

I asked this same question in non-catholic section of forum but I wanted a more official answer to my question.

The following links should help answer your questions about salvation. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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