Can Protestants celebrate the Ordinary Form Mass?

Today I was talking with my friend and he told me that the New Mass (Novus Ordo) can be celebrated by Protestants because the liturgy was created by Protestant in 2nd Vatican council.
I believe the missal which was laid for New Mass during the time of Pope St. Paul VI has changed a bit by Pope St. John Paul II.
Like the Missal which was laid for the Tridentine Mass by Pope St. Pius V has gone through so many changes throughout centuries.
Can you please tell me your opinion on this point . If they can , Why ?
If they can’t then what the reasons for it ?
Please tell.
Peace to all
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Pure hooey. There were a few non-Catholic observers at VII. No one other than Catholic/Orthodox may celebrate the mass - no matter the type, rite or form.

  1. They do not believe it’s a sacrifice.
  2. They have no priestly orders.
  3. They may use leavened bread and grape juice or non-grape wine. Not valid matter.

No one other than than Catholic/Orthodox has any authority to confect the Eucharist. Sorry - but this was their choice when they separated, denied the sacrifice and altered ordination rites (those who still “ordain”.)

For those who disagree, please call Dr. David Anders during his EWTN radio show “Called to Communion.” 1-833-288-3986


Thanks for answering . Actually I have heard that from my other traditionalist friends who said that Protestants can celebrate the Novus Ordo not the Tridentine Mass because in the TLM there are many things which they don’t believe.

Sounds like you may be hanging with the wrong crowd. Those ideas are a bunch of nonsense.


Yeah. I will try my best to stay away from them.
Thanks for answering.

Absolutely. OP needs to call Dr. Anders - he absolutely loves questions like that.

Protestants can do whatever they like in their own churches. I have certainly heard of Protestants who use both the Mass of Paul VI and the Tridentine Rite. These are obviously not valid Masses. These would generally be the likes of High Church Episcopalians, who do not really see themselves as Protestants. Most “real” Protestants would of course have serious theological problems with using any Catholic liturgies.


Ok. Thanks

I’m (still) a Protestant minister, and that’s plain false.

The Protestants did not create the New Order of the Mass. There were a few Protestant observers at the council, who did just that: observe.

Protestant ministers cannot celebrate a Mass of any kind, whether in the Extraordinary or in the Ordinary form.

Most Protestants (high-church Anglicans and Lutherans excepted, and I also know of one “high-church Reformed” monastery) typically don’t celebrate Mass. Our churches are divided on seeing the Eucharist as the re-presentation of the sacrifice of Christ (my particular church does believe in Real Presence, but it doesn’t like the idea of a sacrifice). They mostly do not see ordination or apostolic succession as the Catholic Church does – and, from a Catholic point of view, our ordination is invalid, which would make us by definition unable to perform consecration.

Even ecumenical concelebration (a priest celebrating with a Protestant minister) is completely unthinkable from the Church’s point of view – much less a Protestant minister offering Mass on their own.

It is true that some Protestant churches do have a liturgy which is relatively close to the OF. Relatively close, but definitely not the same.

Maybe one way of answering this question would be this: it is true that we (historical mainstream Protestants) have come closer than we first were to a Catholic understanding of the Eucharist – and not the other way round. Maybe, from a theological point of view, there’s good hope of “getting there” someday.

On the question of ministry (who may celebrate sacraments), though, we’re still way apart from the Church. What is ordination and does it change something (and what) in one’s essence? May women be ordained and celebrate the Eucharist? May lay people, in the absence of an ordained minister, perform sacraments? Where does the church get the authority to ordain from?

On all these questions, my tradition would answer differently from the Church.


Your friend is not correct.

What makes you even remotely entertain this idea?

Uh. Because they aren’t Catholics.

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As others have said,

  1. Almost no Protestants celebrate Mass. Most Protestant churches don’t want their services to be anything like Catholic Masses. Your typical Protestant service in USA consists of a minister preaching based on the Bible, and maybe some music provided by a gospel choir or a praise band.

  2. The tiny handful of Protestants that do celebrate some kind of “Mass” have their own ritual and don’t use Catholic Mass rituals

  3. The Catholic “Ordinary Form” (OF) also called the “Novus Ordo” was NOT “created by Protestant in 2nd Vatican Council”

Your friend is propagating a lot of misinformation. I would advise you to ignore whatever he says about the Church because his ideas are wrong and not supported by anything.

I know, but there Prostest Churches like Anglican, Lutheran. I believe they also celebrate liturgy of some kind .
I believe Anglican celebrate the Sarum rite Mass.

To the extent Anglicans celebrate anything like Mass, it’s much closer to the old Latin Mass than to anything Vatican II came up with.

Catholic Sarum Rite Mass is hundreds of years old.

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I believe he has started to see Fatima Center videos.

Can you please explain me what is the Sarum rite ? Is it older than Traditional Latin Mass or the mass which was celebrated after the Schism of 1054.

The Catholic Church doesn’t use this any more, except once in a great while someone might get permission to have a historical Mass and use the rite so people can see how those in England before the Reformation had Mass.

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Thanks for giving information.

Fatima Center was run by a rogue priest (Now deceased) and is not a reliable organization.

It should be avoided.

Ok thanks for telling . I will tell him to avoid them.

The Fatima Center is not affiliated with the Catholic Church. They have no Catholic ministry.

Encourage your friend to seek information from Catholic ministries.

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