Can protestants only be saved because of ignorance ?

It would seem that for a Protestant to be saved it would be extremely hard since most of their churches teach some or many mortal sins are excepted or even good so doesn’t it seem the only way they could have salvation is through ignorance ??

Please give some examples of the red part of your post… I’m not familiar with this.


Remarriage and divorce
Denial of the real presence in the Eucharist
Gay so called marriage

Would be just a couple

I am so selfish, I am too interested in getting saved myself, than spending time on what is the Lord’s business elsewhere.
We must pray that good Christians of other faiths find the mercy of God as I pray for myself every day.
It is my hope that failures to find the truth of natural law, as exampled in most of your examples will find people eventually rejecting them due to the consequences of such breech.
Thus contraception will eventually be seen as a wrong path our society has taken that belittles the value of family, the true value of women, and the acceptance of God’s providence in raising children rather than wealth.

I find the question too insulting to reply.

Can’t say as I blame you.
God bless you! I say this as an incredibly superior Catholic. Hee! Hee!

Perhaps, but it does rather tempt me to suggest that the only way that we sinful and ignorant Protestants can be saved is through the grace of God.

Are you forgetting the parameters for a sin to be “mortal?”

  1. Grave matter,
  2. Full knowledge that it is grievous,
  3. Willingness to commit it anyway.

If they are not aware or taught that it is mortally sinful, then for them, it is not a mortal sin.

Please keep in mind this chapter of Ezekiel, 18:21, “But if the wicked man turns away from all the sins he has committed, if he keeps all my statutes and does what is just and right, he shall surely live. He shall not die!”

If a person follows God as he best knows how to serve him in his conscience, do you believe God will condemn him for not knowing something was a mortal sin?

Yeah… If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past year, it’s that Catholics and Lutherans have a lot more in common than we usually let on. We’re so used to focusing on the differences, that we always forget how we’re similar

Adamski, plenty of Protestants don’t support divorce, contraception, or gay marriage. A handful of older denominations believe in some form of the Real Presence. And even Catholics support some amount of remarriage. If you get divorced, we don’t. But remember, it’s only “until death do us part”. After your spouse dies, you really are free to remarry.

For that matter, I actually use Lutheran sites sometimes. They number the Ten Commandments almost the same as we do. They just switch 9 and 10. So as long as I remember that, I can look up “Lutheran 10 commandments” and avoid any CARM-like anti-Catholic results.

Protestants can be saved the same way anybody is: by the grace of God on the cross through Christ. Ignorance is a consequence of a wounded creation and does not produce supernatural merit. Nobody is saved because of ignorance.

A willful state of ignorance will forfeit salvation.

I agree 100%. It is getting tiresome to continually see such questions on CAF questioning the Salvation of other Christians, usually those that are consider Protestants. The question also show complete ignorance because it just lumps all Protestants together which is impossible to do. There is enough concern for Catholics that support a number of the issues Op listed instead of focusing on Protestants. I think we need to stop this nonsense on CAF.

Please do not paint all Protestants with the same brush. Some teach the real presence, but not transubstantiation. Many teach contraception, divorce, and gay marriage are wrong.

God is both just and merciful. Only He knows for certain the mind and heart of any person (Protestant or Catholic, or non-Christian) and their culpability and their sincerity and desire for HIm. Only He can make the perfect judgment.

Ignorance, sincerity, and genuinely being true to an informed and willing to be informed conscience.
Pretty much like the rest of us, except we are held to a higher standard, and must participate as a full visible member of His Body, the Holy Church.

I have made similar inquiries to the OP because I’ve always wonder that and not only as to Protestants but people in similar situations…can Muslims be saved due to ignorance or a Buddhist?; the answer I have receive so far unanimously is that in order to be saved through ignorance… The Protestant in this case must have had never in his life heard not even a minimal suggestion for example that divorce is incorrect. Saved by ignorance entails full ignorance in the sense that someone is so secluded from either civilization or the rest of the world that never ever in their life they have have a minimal suggestion re catholicism or that their belief is wrong. I’ve been told now a days is extremely difficult for anyone living in current civilization to qualify for “ignorance” as it is quite likely they have heard from someone or something that divorce (for example ) is wrong. The reasoning for this is that when you are suggested let’s say divorce is wrong you immediately make a choice either as to oh I would like to find out more about it, or no I decide to keep believing divorce is permitted. At the point that you make that choice you are not ignorant anymore.

I think most of us will be saved by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ. I could be wrong though; lemme go check my notes.

Check up the section on infants and mentally disabled who can’t make a verbal/physical assent of faith, or even understand the term.

Yeah; Protestants are pretty much mentally disabled or have the mental capability of infants.

Most Catholics are - have you seen the LA (W)REC(K)?

Having a knowledge that Catholicism exists does not equate to belief in our doctrines or teachings Remember, these folks listen to their ministers teach that there is much wrong with Catholic beliefs, such as the primacy of the Pope, Marian doctrines, faith, etc. No wonder they have difficulty making the leap into our Church, after constant exposure to being taught how wrong we are.

You need to rethink this, that simply having exposure to Catholic teachings does not guarantee that God will give them the gift of faith to believe them. So they can still be ignorant, and God alone sees the heart.

Luke 12:48 “But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes.”

We are talking here about “invincible ignorance” or the idea that you can be saved by ignorance if it is through no fault of your own. And yes most priest and theologians will tell you that what catholicism considers to qualify under this ignorance is having no exposure at all from the idea of Jesus, sin, catholic church etc. If someone has had a minimal level of exposure then under this idea they are not ignorant because it stops beings through no fault of their own. Accordingto the church very few people qualify under invincible ignorance. Having difficulty to make the leap because of what you have been indoctrinated is not invincible ignorance because there is fault on your own. As I said probably the only people who qualify for this is people that have lived through their entire life isolated from civilization.

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