Can religious music be a large part of our prayer life


I many times struggle in my prayer life. I have trouble saying what others so eloquently say so easily. Even in private prayer, I fear my prayers aren’t what God wants and I many times tell him that he knows what is in my heart. What I do though is very often listen to religious music. I love the words to Hosea, Be Not Afraid, Christ Be Our Light, Amazing Grace, etc. I can get lost in the words and find myself feeling closer to God at those times than any time in regular prayer. Is this wrong? If it is, how do I find a way to pray that is more comfortable and pleasing to God? Thank you all for your help on this and God bless you!


I don’t think it’s wrong at all - the Psalms, of course, were written to be set to music and sung or chanted in the Temple as part of worship.

But I’d say you should still pray in your own words at least sometimes. Don’t worry about finding the right words - St Paul says that when we don’t know how to pray as we ought, the Holy Spirit prays with us and for us.

Ask Him to pray with you and for you each time before you start. It helps me when I do so.


I don’t believe it’s wrong to use music to pray, if it helps you. If you want to switch to praying in your own words, I would recommend switching to instrumental music or chants. That way it will create a “prayer-friendly” atmosphere without being distracted by someone else’s words, and you might be more comfortable to open up.


St. Augustine said…singing is twice praying…We use music during our liturgies most times, even though during some seasons they are more somber, like during Lent. so use music all the time, some of the time or once in a while. I certainly do. In fact, sometimes my spiritual director encourages me to do it as part of penance for my sins. :thumbsup:


I don’t use religious music DURING prayer (outside of Mass, that is)… but I do have several CD’s of Gregorian Chant… Catholic music… etc. that I sometimes listen to, just to relax and help me think of God.

Put one on… and just sit and close your eyes and listen. You will be amazed at how this can raise your heart, mind and soul to God. :harp:

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