Can satan, demon or any evil spirit pray?


For example, during an exorcism, do you think the demon will pray out loud or say the name of Jesus just to mock the exorcist and God?



I’m sure these creatures are capable of all sorts.

I don’t understand why you want to dwell on such things?

It’s not helpful unless you want to be an exorcist. Even mentioning these things encourages thoughts about them when we might be raising our consciences with ideas about God.

Do our thoughts lead us towards God, away from God or neutral?
God bless, protect and keep you on the narrow track.



But I want to be an exorcist.




I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that at all but if you really do then you know that you must go through the right channels and learn that skill very well from those who have the requisite knowledge.

I don’t think fishing around on the internet will help, in fact it may actually be a bad idea since you may learn things which are erroneous and which could lead you into trouble. You should talk to your priest, again, and perhaps leave the subject alone until at least you have become a priest yourself.

God bless you.



That’s a really specific thing for someone who is still in RCIA.

I’d focus on learning to be a Catholic layman before you worry about becoming a priest, and even then an exorcist.



A lot of exorcists and mystics would say that simply hearing the name of Jesus causes extreme anguish for a demon. It seems unlikely or even impossible that they would or could pray.

Prayer or anything sacramental or holy or good or noble or selfless is intensely unpleasant for the damned. This is why God permits them to dwell in hell as their eternal abode: it is an unmerited mercy in order to reduce their suffering.



Is it wrong for somebody who are still in their RCIA to set their goal early?



It is a noble goal. Congratulations on your journey to the Church.



No, it’s not wrong to have a goal and have interests. But it’s a little like a child (I don’t mean you’re childish generally, just in the sense that you’re new to Catholicism) saying they want to do some super specific job in twenty years. You take it with a grain of salt because you know as they go on their interests might well change.



Do you realize that is not how it works?

I know exorcists. None of them walked in to the Bishop and said “I wanna be an exorcist”.

Exorcist is an office that is filled by a priest who is selected by his Bishop. These are serious men who are discreet and trustworthy, who are of a very calm nature, who are obedient and humble. They do not advertise, in fact, the name of your Diocesan Exorcist is kept very close to the vest.

Seek to grow in virtue and wisdom. Develop a life of prayer and obedience to your superiors.

If your vocation is the priesthood, then, leave it in the hands of your Bishop what office he will call you to fill.



The Screwtape Letters will give you a decent comical and informative read on how demons attempt to tempt us and how the devil indentifies what we struggle with.

There is also a good book I’ll link below which I got at a Fatima shrine a couple years ago and it is about how to indentify what the battle plan of the devil is and how we can go about fighting this plan. How can we identify when we are being tempted and what is the proper response to these tempts. It’s a good read and it should answer at least some of your questions.



I will try to convince him. I must try…



Thank you so very much. :heart:

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Also, you mention if the demon will say the name of Jesus. From my research and talking with different Priests, the demon/evil spirit in an exorcism often profanes against Jesus and blasphemes but the most common is blaspheming against the most blessed Virgin Mary

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Yes, from what I have read, demons hate the Virgin Mary the most because they cannot stand being defeated by a mere human.

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Yes, this is exactly the reason. There are also instances in the Gospels of demons speaking out against Jesus. Here are a few verses:

Matthew 8:31
James 2:19
Luke 8:30
Acts 19:13-16
Mark 1:23-27 - This is perfect example
Luke 4:33-41 - Another perfect example



You would have to become a priest first. Only priests are allowed to perform exorcisms.
Lay people are not permitted to do this.



No, but it is written that neophytes should not be ordained. You have a long journey ahead of you; take care not to burn out.

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Maybe a priest can comment on this, but my sense is that this is not a good mindset to have going in. Being a priest means sacrificing your own agenda. You don’t say, “I want to be a priest to do this one specific thing.” You say, “I want to be a priest and serve wherever I’m most needed.” Priesthood isn’t the means to an end. It’s an end in and of itself.



Demons - are all about mocking.

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