Can satan, demon or any evil spirit pray?


Pfft! They mock everybody else except themselves. “If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand? I say this because you claim that I drive out demons by Beelzebub.” [Luke 11:18]


It isn’t like the movies. From what I have read, an exorcism is a truly awful experience for everyone involved. If you want to become a Priest, try to help people before they have problems with evil entities.


I think something to be said here is, being an exorcist isn’t like someone saying “hey I want to be a teacher, I just have to study and get some degrees and I can become a teacher.”

You can’t just study to be an exorcist and walk in and become one. It is a calling from God, that only the select few are called to do and even fewer enter into it. The fact that you have interest in it could be a small indicator that God is calling you to this. But more than likely you want to get more deeply involved in Catholicism while still in RCIA and this is the way you think you can get more involved. Pray about it and talk with a Priest/spiritual director about it


I am waiting for Him to give me a sign.


Not to mention this is an area that people are likely to be interested in based on what they’ve seen in movies and video games. Not saying that’s necesssarily you, OP, but I do think you should focus on learning to be Catholic before you start thinking about the priesthood.


Of course. But I dont mind too if God does not intend me to be an exoricist. My life belongs to Him anyway.


There was a Priest in my diocese who grew up Protestant but converted to Catholicism at like 22 and went right into the Seminary very soon after converting. He then became a Priest at like 25 or 26. He was a good holy priest and was even on EWTN’s Journey Home as a priest who converted. But long story short, he was removed from the Priesthood a couple years ago (like when he was 28) due to abuse claims and he went to court for it.

There is a reason people who convert aren’t usually accepted into the Seminary immediately after, because they aren’t rooted enough in the faith and the calling might not be correct or real. This is an example of it sadly. I even attended this guy’s ordination and shook his hand.


And that is why I asked in another thread how do you discern whether it is a calling from God or just a decision made based on human feelings.


Lots of prayer and spiritual direction. When I was little, I played Priest in my living room and said mass. Also had lots of actual Priests and lay people tell me I’d be a priest someday when I was younger. These are strong signs of a possible vocation from someone at an early age. Last year I seriously looked into applying to Seminary and the priesthood but after praying about it a ton, I decided that maybe it wasn’t what God was calling me to do, or at least not at that time. So I’ve been discerning a possible call to married life over the past year and a half.

Time and prayer will tell what I am called to, same for you. But we also have free will so if I am called to the Priesthood I could still say no and get married, I just wouldn’t be ultimately as happy as I could of been but would still be happy. Same if it was reversed. And same for you. We want to follow what God wants, not what we want but we do also have free will. It’s not a sin to reject a calling because all vocations are holy


Evil doesn’t fear Our Holy Mother because She is a mere mortal @Rutherford2 they fear Her because She is full of grace, the Immaculate conception, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, Queen of heaven, Queen of Holy angels and Queen of the universe!


I’ve heard the reason the devil hates Mary is because Mary is the most exulted in Heaven and she is just a human. She even had the gift of the assumption and the Immaculate Conception as a mere human. Due to the devil’s insane pride, he can’t possibly except this and it infuriates him


If She was just a human in heaven it wouldn’t infuriate him any more than he’s infuriated by any other human being in heaven imo.

In any case how can infuriating the devil make him frightened, and why would demons be frightened of Her because they are infuriated, doesn’t make sense. More likely they’re frightened of Her power.

However, belief is probably nine tenths of reality.

I think that love is our greatest defence. If you can love then evil is incompatible, the more love the thicker the defence.


I expect they could pretend to pray. Not that they could really pray.


To pray is to ask.

The fallen angels have fixed wills against God. Cannot think of a rational reason they would make requests of the God they freely rejected.


And because she is their opposite, the most humble and obedient as opposed to Satan, the most prideful and rebellious.


Demons have full free will. They could pray. They choose not to.

The depth of their evil is not rote habit, but deliberate choice.


Can an ant tell you how to love someone? A demon, satan, evil spirit… .they are are lost. they are defeated. they are meaningless unless you prescribe them meaning. God has won. Archangel Michael has cast them out. The rest is them raising a tantrum, like children. Pay satan no mind. He has lost. will lose. is the universes’s ultimate, all time, barred non… loser.


That’s interesting, because at the TLM church I attend run by Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest they have a large poster on display, and the poster has a picture of the ordained exorcists from the 2018 class. Right there in plain sight, nothing secret about that whatsoever.


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The serpent spoke to Eve.
Satan spoke to the LORD in the book of Job.
Satan petitioned Jesus to do things in the desert.
Demons said they knew who Jesus was to him.
Demons petitioned Jesus to cast them into a herd of swine.

None spoke to the Lord seeking forgiveness, none with self-sacrificing love, none seeking union or oneness with the Lord, none with Faith that follows as a disciple.

John Martin

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