Can Satan ever tell the complete truth?


Certain events, say a Marian apparition, are determined to be not authentic by the Church. Are these events determined not authentic because they contain falsehoods or incomplete truths?

Are all falsehoods from Satan?


Supposed apparitions can be discredited in a number of ways. For example, a teaching of the apparition could conflict with something known in public revelation, which would mean that the apparition is not of God. Another example could be if the apparition is patently false. In other words, if there are good reasons to believe that it is a hoax or whatnot.

Regarding questions about Satan:

All falsehoods have their original cause in Satan, whom Christ called “the father of lies” since he was the powerful angel who sinned and who continues to deceive man.

Satan can tell the truth, however. He is not incapable of it, but he does choose to lie or to tell only partial truths.


Satan is always mixing truth with lies. That is the danger of Satan, insofar as we get mixed up with the truth he speaks and the subtle lies that he hides in the midst of such truths.


an apparition can be judged authentic and of heavenly origin, or it can be judged inauthentic for several reasons: merely the product of human imagination, not of divine origin; product of human fraud or malice, not of divine origin, or it can also be judged to be demonic or satanic in origin. is the only site I know of that has various alleged apparitions listed by date, and what judgement if any has been issued.


Angels are pure spirit, meaning that they are “pure and eternal intellects” and thus can effect our soul since our soul is also “spirit” or intellect. They can also manipulate matter, insofar as they are able to by virtue of their design. But in no way, are spirits physical beings, that live as humans do. Thus, everything they do is somewhat diminishable and really unspecial. Its more like a magician tricking us, where as miracles are a reordering to the divine through Grace and Special transcendance. Where as the devil only confuses our mind, and can shake matter, but not disorder the world with sin. Only we can do that.


probably true as far as it goes but I don’t quite know how to apply this to OP’s question or any of the answers offered.


I suppose I’ll I’m doing is expressing the nature of Satan so it is easy to understand how Satan is limited and how he acts. If we have that understanding it somewhat de-mystifies his power and shows the real weakness of satan which should be added to any conversation. Personally speaking I feared Satan from a few years in my life, until I learned that Satan’s power is so weak.

But if we go back to the Garden you will find that he tells half-truths and lies. That is what makes them appealing. Like Chesterton says, a lie is always easier and more acceptible than the truth because a lie is designed to be accepted over the truth.


In some (I believe most) cases, yes.

Are all falsehoods from Satan?

Not necessarily.

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