Can Satan influence your dreams?

Can Satan influence your dreams?

Yes, I think so.


I’ve seen some postings on whether or not he can read your mind. What do you think? Both dreams and thoughts? Does he have to be invited first?

Just curious…

God allowed Satan to have a lot of things- since Satan is a spiritual creature I am sure he can read your mind and also influence your dreams, the Bible says he can also come as an angel of light… By “coming” he can either come to you by dreams or in person, I’m fairly certain… it seems almost every spiritual being has astounding information about us and the world, if you ever commune with a ghost (ghosts are demonic spirits so don’t even think of befriending one, yet even call upon it…) you may find they know more about you then you know yourself… However that statement is based on what others have said, so you may choose to believe it or not.

Satan is no different then the Angels that were sent to visit the dreams of Joseph and the Magi.

It seems like usually demonic forces must be permitted to do something before they make any action… we do know God won’t let them do certain things at certain times… such as when the Devil was out killing children during the time Christ was being born… Obviously he never accomplished the task… God didn’t allow it… and rightfully so.

There was a book I was reading… I don’t remember the name but it concerned a girl who used a Ouija board to commune with the spirit… after a time the girl and the ghost became boyfriend + girlfriend and the girl wanted to see the ghost so he ASKED it to manifest itself… and it did, thus bringing around 60 months of torment for the family, until they were smart enough to bring in a couple priests trained in exorcism…

So clearly demonic forces won’t cause any serious happenings until you PERMIT it or ACCEPT it’s presence around you… But going back to the story… the demon could still talk with the girl and didn’t have to be invited first… The demon talked to her through thought… and she did dream about him, and that was also how they talked… if demons can do this, what do you think Satan can do? He controls all the legions of hell and has powers OVER them… he must be able to do a LOT more without permission.

I think using a Ougi (sp) is permiting and accepting the devil’s influence, although some might not know that at the time. Anytime you try to contact spirits like that, outside of prayer to God and the Saints, you open yourself to Satan.

I’m not so sure that Satan can do anything without permission. Remember Jesus said that Satan had asked permission about Peter - “to sift him as wheat”. Apparently, Satan cannot do a single thing without permission.

I am trying to find that verse. Do you happen to have it handy?:o

Yes!! :slight_smile: Remeber that I grew up Baptist and we memorized Holy Scripture from the KJV. So, if I quote something, it may not always have exactly the same verbiage as someone else knows and may not be as easily found or recognized if you know a different version. This one’s from Lk 22:31-32 from the KJV. I think the best part of the verse is Jesus’ answer to Satan.


v31And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:

v32But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not…

OMGosh!!! I was just thinking about the history of sifting wheat. In the days when this gospel was written, the practice of sifting wheat was to take the wheat into a large pit and then stand there threshing it (throwing it up in the air) As the wind blows it separates the shaff from the wheat. The good parts fall to the threshing floor and the bad parts are blown away with the wind. What’s left is “pure” wheat.

That is sometimes exactly what God allows Satan and his dominions do to us. He throws us up in the air over and over again, sifting us so to speak, to separate the shaff (the undesirable/unusable parts) from the good/usable parts. When you think about it, it’s actually a purification process and may answer the question of why God allows Satan/demons to “do their thing” with us. It’s out of His love and to purify us.

OK, now I’ve found the passage in the NAB version which is an accepted Catholic version. It says about the same thing and I’ve left the whole second verse in it’s entirity:

10 11 “Simon, Simon, behold Satan has demanded to sift all of you like wheat,
but I have prayed that your own faith may not fail; and once you have turned back, you must strengthen your brothers.”

Hope this clarifies it better. God only allows Satan to test/tempt us for our own good.


Satan cannot read your mind. I can’t remember the Catholic reference for that, but that much is quite clear. He is a created being, not omnipotent.

Yea, and Amen. You are so right about that. Satan or any other being is definitely NOT omnipotnet. Only God is omnipotent. So, then I’ve been asked, can Mary, the saints, and the angels read our minds? I would answer from my learnings that they can only read our thoughts as God allows. That is why our silent prayers are as valid as our verbal prayers to them. It’s like God forwards to them according to His will.

Right, he can’t read your mind,but he knows how to read your faceshal expressions.

Would demonic possesion fall under the category of Satan influencing not only your dreams, but your entire body?

I think Satan can, in some ways, know what you are thinking and feeling. This doesn’t mean he is omnipotent, angles can do the same, like your gaurdian angel knows if you’re sad or under temptation. THey are pure spirits, that’s why they can see these things. It still doesn’t give them power over us.

If he can influence peoples dreams, that would help explain some dreams that I’ve had in the past. My mom had to actually wake me up one night. she could hear me from across the hall. She said I was breathing really weird, like I was running for my life from something. I was really scared when i woke up and confused because the dream had been so real. I felt like something pure evil was after me. I actually asked to sleep in her room for the rest of the night.

How does reading one’s mind equate to omnipotent?

Only God can read minds, Uri Geller notwithstanding. :stuck_out_tongue: The church has also been quite clear that demonic possession is of your body only, not your mind or soul.

How can reading minds be anything other than omnipotent?

I think the 2 major traps people fall into are being too afraid of the devil, and not believing that he exists. I have a powerful ally on my side, and it’s NOT the force. :thumbsup: (Apologies to Yoda…)

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